Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

Shatner's second Star Trek documentary in recent years is even weaker than the first. For most of its running time, this movie flitters about like a hummingbird with ADD, unable to focus on a single idea or person for more than 30 seconds. It improves somewhat in the final minutes with more profound material, but it still fails to make any overall point, despite Shatner pretending otherwise in his closing statement. If the point is to demonstate that the people who made Star Trek are still baffled by the passion it inspires among fans, then mission accomplished.

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Scott Hardie: I just watched this again with Kelly. I was too hard on it the first time. Not only does it accomplish its stated objective of determining why fans associate so deeply with Star Trek and keep attending conventions (an interview with the director of the Joseph Campbell Foundation pretty clearly lays that out), but its real mission is just to spend time with fans and bask in the glow of their adoration for Trek, and it manages to accomplish that in an entertaining manner. − May 3, 2014 • more by Scott

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