The Artist
Winner of five Oscars, this artful black-and-white silent film follows the romance between a silent-era superstar on a downward spiral and a rising young starlet who embraces the future of cinema at the dawn of the "talkies."

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

What an adorable little movie. It's easy to fall under the movie's spell and be charmed from start to finish. What I liked most were the playful ways that it combined silence, occasional sound, and the intertitles to delight the audience (such as how an intertitle sound effect seemed to refer to one thing then turned out to be another), and how it slipped in little jokes like how in the film-within-the-film, the villainous interrogators can't get our hero to talk. The Academy loves movies that flatter Hollywood (hello Argo), but The Artist was not undeserving of the love showered upon it on Oscar night.

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