Amy Austin | August 29, 2005
Umm... "oopsie", Scott? Wasn't it actually Hamilton who appeared on the $10 bill... not Burr. Burr just shot him down. Like a gentleman would. (Or Pat Robertson?) ;-D

Great goo, BTW, Jackie!!!

Scott Hardie | August 29, 2005
You're right. Jackie's original explanation had it correct, but I got them mixed up when I reworded it. And that's after I botched the explanation for Elliot's Steve Winwood request a few weeks ago, too. Maybe I need to take a break from this daily goo grind, who knows.

You're not the first person to compliment her choice. One other user told me they got a big kick out of recognizing the peanut-butter reference and also declared it a 'great goo.'

Scott Horowitz | August 29, 2005
I read the clue, and was like "huh." And then I was driving to work and it hit me like a ton of bricks, definitely a great clue. Come up with more, Jackie.

Amy Austin | August 29, 2005
Well, I had totally forgotten the commercial, and although Aaron Burr was my first instinct, I just couldn't figure out what the hell PB sandwiches had to do with anything! So, of course, I racked my brain about it for a while longer before actually LOOKING IT UP! And I was like, duh! I told E, and he was like, "oh yeah..." and starts describing the commercial (that I now remember) -- hmmph. It all makes sense now.

I am sorry to say that I don't feel the same way about the Steve Winwood clue, however... and not because I didn't get it, either! I don't know how the hell those other two jokers got it... it still doesn't make a lot of sense to me, unless you're a huge Steve Winwood fan. I think it fit my best guess much better... although it was a moronic one because he'd already been gooed -- that's the second time I allowed that to happen, and I had said that it wouldn't happen again!!! Grrrr.

Jackie Mason | August 29, 2005
[hidden by request]

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