David Mitzman | June 4, 2005
After starting my search for gainful employment about July of 2004, I have finally found a real job. I'll be the first full time software developer for this small consulting company out of Teaneck, NJ (soon to be NYC hopefully). Yay :)

Scott Hardie | June 4, 2005
Congrats! I know you've been eager to get your career back on track for a while now. Glad to read the news.

David Mitzman | June 4, 2005
Thank ya. I'll have money again. Hooray!

Jackie Mason | June 5, 2005
[hidden by request]

David Mitzman | June 6, 2005
Absolutely. I've been really trying to get into this field since I got outta college, but only really started looking after spending a yea in Florida (during the dark times). The job pans out as this:

This gentleman (my soon to be boss) used to live in South Africa (Capetown and Johannesburgh) and moved to the states a few years ago. He partnered with another guy that was in brooklyn and started a software development side of an already existing consulting company. He wants to really expand his business and I'm the first full time developer he's hiring. Right now it's out of his attic office in Jersey, but he's opening an ew office in either NYC or close to NYC in Jersey in the next few months. I hope it's NYC.

This is also a promising job because I'm essentially in on the ground floor of a company and it seems that most of the time when you apply to a job in a company that's starting out, they want to pay in equity, not money. I'm actually getting a salary so it's all gonna work out.

Amy Austin | June 8, 2005
Wow, Dave, that sounds like an awesome break there! I know exactly what you mean about ground floor companies, too... been there, done that. That's terrific! (Guess this guy falls under the "gotta' have money to make money" bracket, eh? ;-D

Scott Horowitz | June 8, 2005
At least he'll stop complaining to me about his lack of work!!!

Kris Weberg | June 9, 2005
I'm always glad to see someone here is doing well again, since it's one more person I can hit up for a loan.

David Mitzman | June 10, 2005
Hehe, I'll be opening my own loaning company. Interest rates of 25% compounded daily at midnight.

Amy Austin | June 10, 2005
Whoa... I know who I *won't* be borrowing from...

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