Scott Hardie | April 8, 2002
An additional note for my entry yesterday about the PS2 vs. the Gamecube: There's now a new black mark against the Gamecube. I was playing with Kelly last night and heard her controller rumbling during the appropriate moments in the game, while mine did nothing. I checked the controller connections and that the game's rumble settings were correct, but to no avail. The rumble feature is broken ten days after I bought the package. (It's the controller that came with the system.)

Anna Gregoline | April 9, 2002
Time to get a new one, Scott. Call the company and complain. They should send a new one post haste.

Anna Gregoline | April 9, 2002
I would say it never worked from the begining otherwise they might accuse you of breaking it. And they might want you to go to the store, but they should give you a new one too. You didn't purchase a defective product on purpose.

Scott Hardie | April 9, 2002
All true. I wish it had been one of the individual controllers that I bought, not the one that came with the system, which I don't want to return as a set. I could just lie and say it was one of the individuals since they all look alike, but I don't want to lie about it. I'll give it some thought and see what I'm willing to say. I won't be able to call until tomorrow anyway. Thanks for the support, Anna.

Anna Gregoline | April 10, 2002
Hey, I used to be all meek about doing stuff like that, but you know what? I work for my money now and dammit, I want good service and good products. Although I think part of this demanding nature is coming from the go-go-go world of the city.

Let me know what happens.

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