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Making any? Let us know if you are, and report back later if they get broken. =P Go »

A Theory is Born

What is your favorite month? What is your favorite season? When is your birthday? I have long suspected that there's a high correlation between these. Go »

Write a Punchline

Spider-Man, Tinky Winky, and an Oompa-Loompa walk into a bar... Go »

Chasing Chávez

Democrats warn Chávez: Don't bash Bush Here's the sick thing: Setting aside his corruption, I'd rather vote for a man like Chávez than bootlicking wimps like Rangel and Pelosi when they act like this. Go »

I Know Who Killed It

Is Lindsay Lohan's career salvageable? Go »

Football 2021

Any takers on another fantasy football season? Thanks to COVID, this NFL season seems like it will be as unpredictable and unreliable as the last, so now might not be the time for everyone. Go »