Scott Hardie | January 29, 2003
There's a rising anti-Semitism in young adults. I've witnessed it first-hand (attending Bradley University helped), but now there's a survey to confirm it.

The result seemingly of primary importance to the writer is that 32% of young adults surveyed think that a Jewish president might not act in America's best interests if they conflict with Israel. This really shouldn't come as a surprise: Don't many presidents, and politicians in general, play favorites? I don't think anybody would think much of it if George W. put Texas ahead of the rest of the country on a particular issue. It's called leeway.

The rest of the results are a mixed bag. 24% of young adults surveyed think that Jewish control of the media distorts the news. I've heard this one a great many times, but the more I hear it, the more I have to wonder how anyone could think such a thing. Could someone who believes this please name a Jewish news media executive, or a news venue that has a distinct and consistent slant in favor of Jews? There are numerous prominent Jewish executives in the entertainment industry, which is "media," yes, but they have nothing to do with the news. Where does this belief come from, anyway?

Jackie Mason | January 31, 2003
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | January 31, 2003
I've never completely understood it either, but it's not like bigotry is very rational. I can understand encountering a few Jews who fit the stereotype (I've known a few myself), but how does that turn into hatred of the whole people? How does that turn into a belief that the Jews are all working together to control Wall Street and the news media? As black (and coincidentally Jewish) comedian Aaron Freeman said with a smile, "Do I believe there is a white conspiracy to discriminate against black people? No. I believe some of them would like to; I just don't believe our white brothers are that organized."

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