Dave Stoppenhagen | February 23, 2004
The topic is beers. What are your favorites and what you hate about popular beers. My favorite is a one I had when I was visiting Fort Collins CO, called 90 Schilling, a very good dark beer with no after taste. If your like me I hate dark beers but this is very different. It's very difficult to find unless you live in Colorado or order it online through Arctic Liquor .

What are your favorite microbrews?

Anna Gregoline | February 23, 2004
I hate dark beers too. One of my favorite beers is Blue Moon, which I believe is a Belgian White. I also like Hoegardten (sp?) for the same reasons. It's like lemony beery deliciousness when served at a pub.

I like Heinekein ok, but it seems to get skunky fast if slightly warmed. But I can be caught drinking Schlitz, PBR, or Miller High Life in cans if it's cheap.

Dave Stoppenhagen | February 23, 2004
I can't drink Heineken at all, it just tastes nasty too me. Other than that I will usually drink MGD, Miller Lite, Red Stripe, or Coors Light . But while I was in the military the big one was Bud Light/Budweiser, what ever was cheaper by the keg.

Kris Weberg | February 23, 2004
Blue Moon is great stuff, especially at the bar where you get the big ol' orange slice garnish. Of course, my secret favorite is Rolling Rock. I hear a lot of good about Amstel Light, but I can't see what the fuss is about.

Anna Gregoline | February 23, 2004
MGD is ok with me.

Never for me: Bud or Beast (Milwaukee's Best).

Dave Stoppenhagen | February 23, 2004
Another beer at the top of my list is JW Dundees Honey Brown, I've tried other honey browns, but they just don't carry quite the flavor of Dundees. I have never tried Blue Moon, hadn't heard of it until now but I will have look for it.

The Beast, bad stuff. The only thing worse is formaldehyde beer, I had plenty of that. Rolling Rock ranks right there with Heineken for me, just something about it makes it undrinkable. Amstel light is alright and better with Buffalo Wings.

Lori Lancaster | February 23, 2004
[hidden by request]

Mike Eberhart | February 23, 2004
Here's my list of favorite beers, in order of #1 beer, then the rest:

Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss
Sol Cerveza
Amberbock bottles
Bud-Light bottles (yes, there is a difference than in a can)
MGD bottles
Ice House

Anna Gregoline | February 23, 2004
I prefer Blue Moon with a lemon instead of an orange, but it's good out of bottles too, if you buy it at the store.

Beer! I think I'll have one upon returning home...

Kris Weberg | February 23, 2004
Changing gears a bit, what's the most overrated beer you've ever had?

Lori Lancaster | February 24, 2004
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | February 24, 2004
Overrated? I'd say Corona. Blech.

Steve Dunn | February 24, 2004
Mmmmm, beer...

I second (or third) Blue Moon and Hoegarden. It's tough to go wrong with a white ale. Whether it comes with an orange or a lemon, I set the garnish aside.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale has a nice zip to it, and offers the advantage of one of the highest alcohol contents among mass produced beers.

For my macro-brew swill moods (of which there are many) I'm a huge fan of PBR. It usually available cheap, and I used to drink it for economic reasons - also because I felt it gave me biker/tough guy street cred. Now that PBR has become some kind of ironic yuppie statement, I still drink it in the spirit of reverse irony - to project the opposite of the street cred image being invoked by the yuppies, which amuses me to no end because that is exactly how I started drinking PBR when I was broke, but now I'm a yuppie. The fact that I am the only person in the world who gets this joke does not bother me at all.

Most overrated beer? Heineken. I've long suspected that Heineken is one of those genetic tests - you know the strips of paper that taste horrible to people with the right genes, but just taste like paper to everyone else? I think Heineken is like that - I know so many people who drink it and love it, but every time I've tried it it tasted like the nastiest beer imaginable. Some geneticist needs to jump on this theory.

Jackie Mason | February 24, 2004
[hidden by request]

Erik Bates | February 24, 2004
[hidden by request]

Kris Weberg | February 24, 2004
Plus, Corona is so very dependent ont he lime. It also skunks faster than any beer known to man. Negro Modelo is better.

Denise Sawicki | February 24, 2004
I'll join Lori in not liking beer. Jeff loves Heineken, he made me try a sip a couple of times. It seemed pretty bad. I don't think I ever even had a sip of any other beer though, or if I did I thought it was bad too. I just don't have an interest. The stuff smells bad. He did get me to like drinking wine occasionally though if I let it hit the wrong part of my tongue it's terrible. Fruity, non-carbonated mixed drinks can be OK though I don't have tremendous experience in those either. I don't like carbonation... and I'm not the only person in the world who hates pop, whatever you might be thinking :)

Oh, and does anybody like Bloody Mary's? Jeff decided to get me one one time and we both decided it was quite weird and disgusting and undrinkable. Who wants to drink something that tastes like alcoholic pickle juice?

Lori Lancaster | February 24, 2004
[hidden by request]

Steve Dunn | February 24, 2004
Bloody Marys are great! But the real reason people drink them is that, along with Mimosas, they're the only alcoholic drinks that are socially acceptable at breakfast.

Dave Stoppenhagen | February 24, 2004
I drink Jack and 7up a lot, instead of Coke. The 7up seems to cause less hang overs. My wife can't drink pop of any kind, she never drank it as a kid and now if anything has carbonation it burns her throat, that and she doesn't like the taste.

Scott Hardie | February 24, 2004
I've always wondered: If hangovers are caused by dehydration, can they not be easily overcome by drinking a lot of water?

Anna Gregoline | February 24, 2004
Actually, that doesn't work for some reason. I don't remember why. Or at least it takes a really long time. I do know that when you start drinking, your liver really starts changing, passing the alcohol out of itself as fast as it can - which is why you have to pee a lot when you drink.

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