Scott Hardie | December 18, 2022
If you're voting, here's a reminder to fill in your ballot before January 1.

If you're not voting: What was the best and/or worst movies that you saw this year? I wouldn't be surprised if the divisive Top Gun: Maverick wound up named as both by different people.

Scott Hardie | December 30, 2022
Having trouble remembering what movies you saw this year?

Most streaming services offer some kind of "Watch History" feature that will list every movie and TV episode that you've seen in chronological order. And for theatrical movies, if you order tickets on an app or website instead of in person at the box office, there's likely a history there too.

If that fails, you can also search IMDb for 2022 movies that you've seen. If you don't rate movies on IMDb, remove "&my_ratings=restrict" from the end of that URL to see all 2022 movies. It's not an exact science (IMDb dates films according to first screening, so for instance the May 2022 film Operation Mincemeat is considered a 2021 film by IMDb because of one film festival in Australia), but it should help.

Scott Hardie | December 31, 2022
Last call! If you're going to vote, please do so before midnight ET tonight. Thanks!

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