Scott Hardie | December 2, 2020
This has been a weird year for movies, as it has for so many other things, so I don't know how many people out there even saw new movies this year. I picked up a few on streaming here and there, so I'm still casting a ballot in this year's Best Movies of the Year feature. I hope that you'll vote too, even if it's fewer titles than usual. Hey, for once, our list won't be dominated by superhero movies. :-)

What has your movie year been like? Was there anything that you saw that you wish more people would see? And what do you look forward to seeing in 2021?

Samir Mehta | December 2, 2020
[hidden by request]

Evie Totty | December 28, 2020
Just want to put it out there that this year was so weird - I am not even sure what movies I've even seen. I do have it penciled in for tomorrow/Tuesday to just go through the streaming networks I have and look through the history.

But I'll be honest - I wasn't really in a movie-watching mood while being 'locked up'. I've pretty much seen the big ones (I could not finish Extraction - would I still review it anyway @Scott?)

I will probably come back and forth here just to list out what I've seen so I have it in a 'central' location over the next couple of days.

EDIT: Ok I apparently forgot about that day or week (it's all the same now, right?) that I watched every frickin' Christmas Romance I could get my hands on. Was a dark time, apparently. I will only list those released this year.

Evie Totty | December 28, 2020
'Theater Movies'
- The Invisible Man
- Bloodshot
- Tenet
- Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
- The Hunt

- The Christmas Chronicles Part Two
- The Princess Switch: Switched Again
- Love, Wedding, Repeat
- Operation Christmas Drop
- Midnight at the Magnolia
- A New York Christmas Wedding
- Holidate
- American Murder: The Family Next Door
- Enola Holmes
- Love, Guaranteed
- The Social Dilemma
- Project Power
- The Lost Husband
- The Old Guard
- Athlete A
- The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story
- The Lovebirds (NOTE: Not sure if I finished it)
- To All the Boys PS I Still Love You
- Code 8

- The Vast of Night

Disney +
- Onward
- Soul

- Happiest Season

- Wonder Woman 1984

Scott Hardie | December 28, 2020
Good list, Evie! You had a pretty good movie-watching year anyway, by my standards. :-)

It's fine with me if you want to review something that you didn't finish, especially if you couldn't finish it because it was so bad. If reviewing integrity mattered here, I suppose you could point out in the review that you didn't finish it so that readers could take your opinion with a grain of salt, but I cannot imagine anyone taking these reviews seriously enough for that to matter. :-)

I wish I had seen Tenet, but I'm not going to pay $20 to see it via pay-per-view now when I expect it on HBO Max in a month or two.

I deliberately skipped The Social Dilemma because everything that I read about it sounded like stuff that I already knew and that frankly, everyone should know by now. ("Did you know that Facebook and Google use data about you to manipulate how you behave on their services?!")

Samir and Evie, you both talked me into The Vast of Night. It was on my watchlist anyway, but consider it promoted to the top.

I am so glad to see our little informal December movie club reconvening once again this year. I was afraid that it was going to be one more (admittedly very tiny) thing lost to this pandemic. :-)

Scott Hardie | December 31, 2020
Just a reminder: Today is your last day to vote in the official ballot. The outcome of voting will automatically appear at midnight.

Evie Totty | December 31, 2020
Yeah - I didn't pay for TENET, Bloodshot or The Hunt. I do wish I'd gotten Love & Monsters in before the end of the day today - but alas, not in the cards.

Evie Totty | December 31, 2020
Ok I could only get 9 in >.<

I wish I'd seen Hamilton by now so I could have it added. And I fell asleep during Soul so I couldn't really say that I'd seen it (and I want to finish it)

Here's to next year being better!

Scott Hardie | January 1, 2021
Say what you want about 2020 being a bad year for movie-watching, but I think we came up with a pretty good list. There's lots of consensus (every movie got multiple votes), and lots of variety of genre (only one superhero movie for once). The weirdest thing is how many streaming-only titles there are, but maybe that's the future. Maybe every list is going to look like this in the years to come.

I'm so glad that you all took the time to participate in this. I really enjoy this silly little vote every year. It makes me happy. Thanks for sharing your opinions with us all. :-)

And I can finally say, happy 2021!

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