Scott Hardie | March 18, 2002
Ugh. I feel embarassed. In my Oscar contest, I listed John Seale instead of John Williams as the nominee for Best Original Score for "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." Also, I didn't even include "Moulin Rouge" as a nominee for Best Costume Design. The first error was pointed out by Matt and Kevin, but the second one I found out on my own.

I'm embarassed for three reasons:

A) I try to run a clean, fair, efficient contest. This kind of mistake looks bad.

B) The errors weren't my fault. I got my list of nominees from, the official web site, the morning that the nominees were announced. I double-checked the list three times for errors. I can see forgetting "Moulin Rouge" in that category, but how the hell did I invent the name John Seale (which I've never heard before)? Regardless of who's to blame, I look bad because the errors look like my fault.

C) In 2000 and 2001, the contest was sloppy but had no errors. This year, it's clean but had two errors. Wtf?

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