Scott Hardie | March 3, 2004
I'm all for buying bottled water for sake of convenience, such as wanting it in a movie theater, but I hope nobody's buying it for water-purity reasons. Or at least, I hope they're not buying Dasani, which is ordinary tap water, according to the AFP.

Anna Gregoline | March 3, 2004
Poland Spring was outed for being just tap water too. I wouldn't be surprised if they all were.

Jackie Mason | March 4, 2004
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | March 5, 2004
Gotta rent that. Sounds pretty funny. :)

I should clear up that I started this discussion not to bash bottled water (or its drinkers), but to point out the recent discovery about Dasani in particular. It seems I didn't phrase it very well to emphasize that.

Jackie Mason | March 5, 2004
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | March 5, 2004
I'm always shocked when I find out Scott hasn't seen a movie. I guess I always assume that he's seen everything. =)

Scott Hardie | March 5, 2004
"If I haven't seen it... it's in my Netflix queue."

-possible new motto for the weblog

Anna Gregoline | March 6, 2004
How many movies in your queue? We have close to 400 now.

Scott Hardie | March 6, 2004
I am nearly always bumping up against the limit of 500. In an average week, I add more new-release movies to my queue than I watch, and there's no room at all to add old releases. If they didn't have a queue limit, my list would be twice that long. (Obviously, I'm never gonna watch all these. I just have to keep the list prioritized as well as I can and keep watching.)

Lately, what has ruined me for watching movies are the TV shows I rent on DVD. Not only is it easier to sit down for 43 minutes than 120 minutes on a busy day, but I get so caught up in the storylines of Sopranos, X Files, Star Trek, whatever show I'm renting at the moment, that I can't bring myself to put on a movie instead. It means diminished content on TMW, and it means my queue doesn't shrink, but I'm a happily hooked viewer.

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