Andy Lee | August 4, 2001
Back to my complaint about the childrens play area, I think there should be a teen play area. Now wait, you might say that the whole entire mall is a teen haven...but it is not.

I Have noticed that in the charlestown mall, all the good stores are leaving. We are only left with spencers and gamers paradise. I think there should be a carnival in the mall for us. Lets bring it back mall america style. And lets have a section made for the teens in general. Music, DJ's, rides, girls (nasty not allowed) and a smoking section during the unbearable climate. 16 years old and you can leagally smoke. Lets make a place for that. And cotton candy on tap. Shit man, we need a better mall and we need to keep the kids off the streets. Lets start the new world of teen domination and fuck the artifical bacon who work in malls.

(Im still outraged that we have to be 300 feet a way from the mall in order to smoke... some fucking rule they made)

Im done ranting for now, what do you think?

Scott Hardie | August 4, 2001
While I do feel your pain, I think that the mall is a business and wants to make money. Teens spend a lot of time there but not a lot of money. Lots of adults come to the mall for thirty minutes and spend more money than lots of teens do in several hours there. So the mall wants to cater to the adults to get them to spend more money, thus asking teens (and adult smokers) to move away from the mall. If teens spent a lot more money at the mall, they'd have a lot more clout. (There would certainly be a lot more stores to cater to them.) There won't be any such carnival until the teens can make such a place profitable. There also isn't room in the mall, but they could make room for a small establishment.

Kelly Lee | August 6, 2001
Andy, I've said this before adn I'll say it again. You are a poser.

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