Scott Hardie | July 15, 2002
Well, I had a first yesterday: The first time I've ever locked my keys in my car. My mom and I went to a furniture store in Sarasota so she could browse their warehouse sale. We were having a conversation as I parked, and I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. As we were walking up to the front door, my right pocket felt empty, and sure enough, I'd left my keys sitting by the gear shift.

Normally my mom doesn't do embarrassing "mom stuff," but she managed to do it yesterday. Every store worker we encountered, she said, "My son locked his keys in the car. Can you show us to your phone?" (I would have preferred if she just asked the question instead of saying the sentence before it, but I would have preferred to do the talking myself anyway, since I was the one who caused the problem.) Anyway, I got to the phone and got a locksmith to come over. My Cougar apparently has some theft protection, so he had to pry the door open at the top with a wedge and reach a rod down in to hit the unlock button. But he succeeded, and the day was saved.

Anna Gregoline | July 15, 2002
I always made fun of "Carlock, Illinois." Nothing to do with your post, but I thought I'd be pointless.

Scott Hardie | July 15, 2002
That's okay. It's why I named the entry that. :-)

Anna Gregoline | July 15, 2002
Well, I guess I'm all relevant and with-it and knowing the inside scoop!

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