Scott Horowitz | August 5, 2004
Lately, many comic books/old cartoon shows are being made into live action movies. What would you like to see get made?

Anna Gregoline | August 5, 2004
Nothing, please.

Erik Bates | August 5, 2004
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | August 6, 2004
Not half the shit they put out, that's for sure.

Just about every good comic from my childhood is already in production (including Watchmen), and there weren't many. If they can capture the essence of Sin City so well with live actors (Alba as Nancy, Dawson as Gail), I suppose I'd like to see a faithful translation of Stray Bullets.

Lori Lancaster | August 9, 2004
[hidden by request]

Scott Horowitz | August 9, 2004
I'd love for them to redo He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the way it should have been done. Faithful to the mythology of the story. You do a movie about another planet, and then have 80% of the fucking movie happen on Earth? What's up with that? I hear they are in the process of making a live-action transformers. How can it be live action if all the robots will be computer generated??? hmmm.

John Viola | August 9, 2004
Well, it is a little easier to find Earth locations rather than 'random-planet-from-beyond-the-stars' locations for a film....

But I know exactly what you mean. Just be thankful they didn't use the Waterworld set for He-Man - or it might have been called:
Merman and the Masters of the Oceanverse

Melissa Erin | August 9, 2004
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | August 10, 2004
I'm not at all interested in another He-Man film, but the original was so badly botched as to disturb me. Saving money by setting the film on Earth, I can understand. But they jettisoned so many of the classic characters for presumably budgetary reasons, then proceeded to create a whole slew of presumably expensive new ones? What's the point? He-Man was apparently just guest-starring.

Anna Gregoline | August 10, 2004
I didn't even remember a live-action He-Man. Is it as "good" as Conan the Barbarian?

John E Gunter | August 10, 2004
No comparison. In fact, you shouldn't even mention the two movies in the same post!


Anna Gregoline | August 10, 2004
Sorry, I didn't know there was muscle man movie ettiqute!

John Viola | August 10, 2004
Yeah, you can mention something like Mr. Nanny in the same post as the He-Man movie, but Conan the Barbarian is on par with movies like Red Sonja and Kickboxer.

Your post, the way it stands, may make muscle-man-fans everywhere cringe. I hope for their sake most of them don't visit this thread.

Anna Gregoline | August 10, 2004
I have no idea whether you're praising movies or dissing them, at this point.

John E Gunter | August 10, 2004
Conan is a much better movie than Masters of the Universe. Though I do think that Dolph is a much better actor than Arnold. Arnold is getting better or was until he went into politics.

It's just that Masters was a really bad movie and to mention the two in the same sentence is just wrong.

Kind of like mentioning Kickboxer and Conan.


Anna Gregoline | August 10, 2004
So wait - is the inference that Conan is a good movie?

I thought it was funny, but not good.

John Viola | August 10, 2004
Yes Anna. We think Conan was pretty cool. I could tell when you wrote 'good' in quotes you saw it as a sub-par movie.

John - Van Damme will hunt you down and kick your ass for dissing Kickboxer! I mean come on! It was much better than Cyborg.

Anna Gregoline | August 10, 2004
Like I said, I mean, it was good as in it's hysterical to watch because it's so BAD.

But whatever.

Melissa Erin | August 10, 2004
[hidden by request]

John E Gunter | August 10, 2004
[quote]John - Van Damme will hunt you down and kick your ass for dissing Kickboxer! I mean come on! It was much better than Cyborg.[quote]

True, it is much better than Cyborg, but that's still not saying much! ;-)


John Viola | August 11, 2004
Okay Anna and Melissa. Your posts beg the question:

What muscle-man movie(s) do you find good (in the purest sense of the word)?

Anna Gregoline | August 11, 2004
I don't even know what a muscle-man movie is, really. Does Terminator 2 count? That's the only one I can think of.

John Viola | August 11, 2004
LOL - I used the term 'muscle-man movie' because you posted that label earlier in the thread.

I am using the term to mean 'action movie based around person with abnormally large physique.' Unfortunately, 98% of the movies are Arnold based - which doesn't add to the diversity. :-/

Terminator, T2, T3, Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer, Last Action Hero, Commandos, Rambo, RII, RIII, Running Man, Blood Sport, Kickboxer, Cyborg, Predator, Hercules in New York - to name a few.

John E Gunter | August 11, 2004
That's no 98%, Rambo, RII, RIII is Sylvester. Blood Sport, Kickboxer, Cyborg is Jean-Claude.

See they're not all about Arnie!


John Viola | August 11, 2004
I modified my list to show diversity. If we listed ALL of them I bet there would be MANY more Arnie flicks than others....

BTW, are you familiar with the term 'hyperbole'? :-D

Anna Gregoline | August 11, 2004
Thank godness the only films I've seen in that list are the Terminator movies (and I'm not happy I saw T3.)

John E Gunter | August 11, 2004
[quote]BTW, are you familiar with the term 'hyperbole'? :-D[/quote]

I know you, don't I? :-0

Anna, you sound like watching muscle-man movies is a bad thing. ;-)

John Viola | August 11, 2004
I think T1 was the best, T2 was pretty good, and T3 stunk. Well, except for the female terminator - she looked like she had a really nice personality.

Anna Gregoline | August 11, 2004
It's not a bad thing, I'm just glad I wasn't subjected to any of them.

I think in terms of stunts, T2 was the most entertaining. T3 was just awful, for so many reasons.

John E Gunter | August 11, 2004
[quote]I'm just glad I wasn't subjected to any of them.[/quote]

Must just be a guy thing. ;-)

Isn't there a show called something like, "Movies for guys who like action movies" or something like that?"


Melissa Erin | August 11, 2004
[hidden by request]

John Viola | August 11, 2004
Run screaming? At least that's an improvement over rusty nails. I think we're making progress ;-)

Actually Running Man had more depth of story, as opposed to simple action. It is set in a bleak future where the country is basically a police state that uses deadly tv gameshows to entertain and distract the public.

John - I believe what you are referring to is on TNT: 'Movies for Guys who Like Movies'.

Anna Gregoline | August 12, 2004
I read the entire list to my boyfriend, and after every single one he said, "Yup, yup, seen that." except for Hercules in New York. He asked me to ask you guys if you're forgetting Chuck Norris.

Wow, Running Man sounds like a dumbed-down version of Infinite Jest (a book I couldn't finish reading. David Foster Wallace is too dense for me, there, I said it).

John E Gunter | August 12, 2004
Running Man was great because it had the ultimate game show host, Richard Dawson! Oh and Anna, your boyfriend sounds great. Typical guy response!

I'm not forgetting Chuck, John's the one who's naming movies. Personally, I happen to like Chuck, Invasion USA!

John V - I think that's the show!


Erik Bates | August 12, 2004
[hidden by request]

John E Gunter | August 12, 2004
I don't know........third base! ;-)


John Viola | August 12, 2004
Anna - Didn't add Chuckie to the list (simply forgot) - tell your boyfriend good call! If I have Van Damme then Chuck is fair game.

All the movies I mentioned are pretty basic muscle-man movies that most fans would see. Hercules in New York is the joke of the list. It IS an actual movie with Arnold - before he was known for movies at all. His voice was dubbed since his english wasn't good enough at the time. The premise of the movie is that Hercules is tired of living in Olympus and decides to move to New York. Total cheese. Now THAT movie is so bad that you watch it just to laugh. Would love to see it on MST3K! :-D

Scott Hardie | August 12, 2004
Sylvester Stallone? Jean-Claude Van Damme? Chuck Norris? It's redundant for you guys to reveal your ages in two simultaneous threads. ;-)

Scott Hardie | August 13, 2004
By honest coincidence, I rented and watched The Running Man tonight. It was as good as I remembered.

Melissa Erin | August 13, 2004
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | August 13, 2004
His movies always crack me up cause it's like he's doing something else (like being a chef) and he just happens to run into terrorists. Oh, and he just happened to have been trained as a Navy Seal.

Anthony Lewis | August 13, 2004
I remember some time ago, someone mentioning a "Wonder Woman" movie with Catherine Zeta Jones in the title role.

Methinks I'd like to see that.

John Viola | August 13, 2004
I think Anthony may be on to something. Watch out or she might use her 'lasso of truth' on you.

*ropes you with her lasso*
'so what do you think about my outfit?'

Anthony Lewis | August 21, 2004
"It's nice and all, don't get me wrong. But it'd be MUCH nicer if it were on the floor around your ankles."

John Viola | August 21, 2004
or crumpled up in front of the fireplace?

Anthony Lewis | August 21, 2004
"In my house. Or in your house. It really doesn't matter, just as long as it's off."
Catherine Zeta Jones as Wonder Woman

**shaking head** Lord have mercy.

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