Erik Bates | October 3, 2018
Happy birthday, sir. I hope you had a great one.

So now, as I hope could potentially become tradition here, thanks to our good man Samir...

1. You go all-in for whatever it is you do. Bowling. Frisbee Golf. Kick-ass night manager. You name it, you go for it. We should all have that much drive and self-motivation.

2. If you were to be able to play any sport, with any individual - living or dead - what would you play, and who would you play against (or with! You don't necessarily have to be on opposing teams here!)?

Chris Lemler | October 3, 2018
Erik thank you for all the kind things you said about me. All I can say is I try my best at everything I do. I would like to play a round of disc golf with Paige Pierce/Paul McBeth to see if I could improve my game or learn how they make shots.

Scott Hardie | October 5, 2018
Don't forget goo game champion! Chris goes hard for that too. :-D

I, too, hope it was a great birthday.

Chris Lemler | October 5, 2018
It was a very good birthday. Got hockey tickets for the blues game November 1.

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