Scott Hardie | August 6, 2003
Like many, I've sometimes wondered why in the hell people applaud at movies. Especially as a teenager, I thought, Duh, the director can't hear you. But seeing "Seabiscuit" a few days ago gave me a new appreciation for it. In the scenes of triumph, you could feel an emotional surge go out into the audience. A few people would clap compulsively because the movie just feels so good, then others would join, and soon the whole theater would be raucous with applause. (This happened repeatedly. "Seabiscuit" is that good.) The applause at the end credits was not a compulsion, but a demonstration of gratitude for such a good time. For some it's reflexive, but for most it's just an act of joy. Nobody is stupid enough to think the director or cast can hear them; applause in this case is about giving, not receiving.

Erik Bates | August 6, 2003
[hidden by request]

Denise Sawicki | August 6, 2003
Hi Erik, how do you like that Eels CD? I've been thinking I should get an Eels CD. Sorry to be so far off-topic but nobody had posted here in days, so I thought I may as well add something...I too think clapping at movies is weird. I think I've only experienced it in Rochester, NY though (not in Fargo). I wonder if it's a regional thing.

Dave Stoppenhagen | August 6, 2003
I've been to movies where people clap at the end of the movie but I don't think that I've actually participated.

Anthony Lewis | August 9, 2003
My best friend and I danced at the end of "Purple Rain", Does that count?

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