Scott Hardie | October 19, 2005
One GOO player had an interesting suggestion in email this weekend. (That person may reveal their own identity if desired.) To even up the standings a little and make other players feel like they have a chance, maybe we should limit the number of consecutive victories that a single player can have. The reigning champ could guess at all goos and boost their total score and try to get Imeldas, etc, they just wouldn't be eligible to win. Comments?

Erik Bates | October 19, 2005
[hidden by request]

Lori Lancaster | October 19, 2005
[hidden by request]

Aaron Shurtleff | October 19, 2005
I would agree with the thus-far prevailing opinion of don't restrict the game. Personally, if I were to manage to somehow win, I'd hate to know it only came because the "good players" were restricted from winning.

And having two different games for "Champions" and "Goo-DumDums" would be a lot of work. I'd hate to see Scott get burnt out. :)

Jackie Mason | October 20, 2005
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | October 21, 2005
Was I the only one who preferred being in the Dumb Class because it meant I didn't have to work as hard?

Aaron: You mean burnt out again?

Amy Austin | October 21, 2005
No way... they gave us all kinds of creative time and freedom in my "Smart Class" -- when you've mastered all the basics, they let you engage in other "stimulating" activities... like Legos and being read aloud to! How much "work" is that? ;-D

(Of course, the "stimulating creative thinking" school of thought may not have paid off in exactly the way that these administrators had hoped... I think I've been an underachiever most of my life because of it. Case in point: my only "bragging point" since leaving the Navy is title of "Goo Champion" (now former) -- yikes! ;-DDD)

Lori Lancaster | October 21, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | October 21, 2005
heheh... thanks, Lori -- but in the immortal words of Ah-nold: "I'll be back!"

Scott Hardie | October 22, 2005
For me, I always hated doing the schoolwork because I had more interesting projects to work on at home. (I took that to extremes in college, but that's another discussion.) If I was going to skip all the reading, barely pay attention and fudge my way through an exam, I may as well do it in a dumb class for an easy A instead of the smart class for a C. That's one thing I like about the president, actually; he too prides himself as a master of low expectations. Now he's the leader of the free world and I have a great career based on those extracurricular activities. So who's smart now?

Kris Weberg | October 22, 2005
The difference between you being, Scott, that you know how to do your job.

Amy Austin | October 25, 2005
You know, up until this year, I'd never been a Bush lover or hater, either way -- but now, I'd have to give a resounding "AMEN, Brother!" to that one...

Dubba gives the rest of us slackers a really bad name! I'm all for a former coke-head and party animal in the White House... as long as he still has sense enough to delegate properly!!!

Scott Hardie | November 19, 2005
In the midst of all this talk about Bush's low numbers, I read that in a recent poll, his approval rating with African Americans was 2%, with a 2% margin of error.

Amy Austin | November 21, 2005
Another funny.

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