Scott Hardie | October 29, 2014
Stiff regulations have forced the closure of abortion clinics across the country, sometimes leaving a gap of hundreds of miles between them, making it difficult for rural women to reach them. Why has a charity not arisen in response to this, providing rides wherever they're needed? Rather than simply seeking volunteer drivers in their own vehicles, it should be an organized and funded effort, with unmarked cars, background checks for the drivers, and emphasis on discretion, privacy, safety, and security. This seems like such a natural thing for the pro-choice movement to have founded in response to the legal situation that I'm surprised to find nothing like it when I searched online.

Samir Mehta | October 29, 2014
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | November 23, 2014
A major obstacle to this would be two conflicting needs: You need to be low-profile so that your vans are unrecognizeable (women would face harassment in their community for being seen riding in one) and so that you don't attract death threats and acts of violence, but you need to be high-profile to raise funds for what would be a very expensive operation. I'd like to see something like this founded and I would donate to it, but launching it would be severely difficult and operating it on an ongoing basis would be even harder, requiring you to navigate an ever-changing minefield of threats and criticism and obstacles. My hat's off to anyone who tries it.

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