Scott Hardie | May 31, 2002
Today for lunch, Kelly and I went to a Wendy's near here that just opened a few days ago. Besides there being about ten staff members present (it was 3pm and there weren't many customers), it was odd to see a half-dozen Wendy's execs checking the place out. They had neckties and file folders and were asking questions of the two managers on duty, then they sat down at a table and started taking notes. Wendy's need to do this sort of thing more often, because service was excellent. The workers scrambled to complete our orders very quickly. Twice, a very polite worker came to our table to refill our drinks for us. Another one even brought by a basket of starlite mints before we left. I was seriously thinking about going up to the register and asking if I could have twenty bucks, just to see if they'd give it.

Anna Gregoline | June 1, 2002
"Twenty bucks, or I'll yell 'rat'."

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