Scott Hardie | May 29, 2002
Actual news story: In Trenton, New Jersey, several teenage boys were hanging around an old run-down house when they decided to see what it was like inside. The house was empty, but the boys started imagining that it might have a secret passage somewhere. So they playfully banged on the walls until, to their surprise, the plaster on one wall caved in and two plastic baggies full of money fell out. The boys excitedly opened the bags and counted the cash, which came to exactly $50,000. They made each other promise that they’d keep it a secret, but the next day at school, one of the boys told some classmates about the money and, to prove he was telling the truth, handed out some $100 bills. Eventually, a teacher heard about the discovery and the cops got involved. The police have decided not to charge the kids with trespassing, but they have collected up the money and will try to get it to the estate of the woman who had died in the house two years ago – she had been considered eccentric and, because she had no bank account, wasn’t considered wealthy. Now, attorneys for her estate are checking the rest of the house to see if they can find another cache of cash.

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