Scott Hardie | September 20, 2022
Since Tragic Comedy seems to have turned into a way for us to ask each other stuff that we don't understand, here's something that I've been wondering that I can't find explained online:

I keep hearing in the news about unions being formed by workers in this Amazon warehouse or workers in that Starbucks shop.

Why isn't there a nationwide union for each? There should be a "warehouse workers union" for the former, or a "baristas union" or "fast food workers union" for the latter, similar to the national unions for health care workers and auto workers and so on.

It should not be up to each individual location to unionize. Setting up and operating a union requires a tremendous amount of work, and leaves the workers vulnerable to shenanigans by the company, because even when standing together, there aren't enough people at that one location to make a difference. Banding together at the nationwide level seems much more efficient and effective.

What gives?

Scott Hardie | September 20, 2022
To clarify, I don't mean that all Amazon or Starbucks workers across the country should simultaneously form a union together, which would be way too hard to organize. I mean that a national union should be founded, and then work should go into converting each location to join that existing large union rather than forming its own tiny union.

Samir Mehta | September 20, 2022
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | September 22, 2022
Thank you! That makes sense. That's the missing link. :-)

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