Scott Hardie | December 27, 2004
As you've probably already seen, today through Sunday in the goo game is "Do-Over Week," which consists of celebrities that were often guessed as the wrong answer for a previous goo. (There have been isolated instances of this in the past, such as when so many people guessed O.J. Simpson for the Charles Moose goo that I felt compelled to goo Simpson himself.)

I created this concept just to be another fun themed week for the game, to occur once or twice per round. But now I wonder if I shouldn't run with it: Maybe during these do-over weeks, only the players who guessed wrong (or didn't guess at all) at the original goo should get to guess at its follow-up? This suits the "second chance" concept quite well, and would be a good opportunity for trailing players to catch up to the leaders in the waning weeks of the round.

However, rules that prohibit certain players from guessing at certain goos have never been popular in the game. (Currently, the only goos you can't guess are those that you requested.) So, I'm bringing it up here for discussion. Whaddya think?

David Mitzman | December 28, 2004
nah. I'm not too keen on that. It's not like the new goo is a repeat of the old one, it's a completely new goo so why should players that guessed it properly before be penalized?

Mike Eberhart | December 28, 2004
I agree with Dave. The players that guess correctly shouldn't be penalized for playing the game well. The players that missed had the same fair chance to get it right the first time.

Amy Austin | December 28, 2004
Ha! I hadn't read this before starting my scavenger hunt, I promise! But it sounds like fun -- oh, and I saw the last post on another thread, too... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKE!

Edit: And, after reading a bit more carefully, I agree with Mike & Dave about penalizing the leaders...

Jackie Mason | December 28, 2004
[hidden by request]

Todd Brotsch | December 28, 2004 right point added to your score.

Scott Horowitz | December 29, 2004
I like the idea of themed goos. However, people shouldn't be penalized from guessing. I try to win, but it is fun trying to figure out goos you don't know. Maybe we should do a user goo? We send you pictures of us (not the ones used on the site), you goo them up, come up with a clue, and you have to figure out which user it is?

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