Anna Gregoline | August 13, 2004
What do people reveal about themselves by the way they drive?

Scott Hardie | August 13, 2004
It's a form of body language, I suppose.

I have been trying not to admit it often (many friends and colleagues are proud speeders), but I'm a slow driver. I'm one of those fuckers who does the speed limit in the center lane. Forgive me! But it correlates with my laidback attitude in general. I say that I enjoy life in the slow lane, and in a sense I mean that axiom literally.

Anna Gregoline | August 13, 2004
I remember that about you now, Scott. =) That's ok.

Jackie Mason | August 13, 2004
[hidden by request]

Erik Bates | August 13, 2004
[hidden by request]

Melissa Erin | August 13, 2004
[hidden by request]

John Viola | August 14, 2004
Melissa - you aren't one of those people driving stick, with a cell phone in one hand, a cup of coffee in another hand, and a newspaper in another hand? (wait, how many hands is that?...)

I drive stick also, and it does add to the need for awareness while driving.

I think that the more stress and frustration in a person's life, the more it is reflected in attitude, personality - and even driving. I don't think I would want to tear someones head off just because they cut me off, but if I was down and out, pissed off and frustrated, it might be just the trigger needed to vent all of that frustration and rage.

Melissa Erin | August 14, 2004
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | August 15, 2004
It happens. I used to know a guy with insecurity issues who would regularly brag about (mostly fictional) manly deeds he'd done to demonstrate his testosterone level; Jackie knows who I mean. If you were driving somewhere with him and taking two cars, he HAD to be in front. If you pulled alongside him in a second lane, he would accelerate until he was in front of you. Heaven help you if you actually managed to pass him up; I heard about him pushing ninety in the opposite lane just to get in front of the other car. And this was with friends, not strangers.

Anna Gregoline | August 15, 2004
Right now all my driving would prove is that I'm out of practice, as I haven't driven for about two years now. But when I was driving, I'm sure it showed I am a easily distracted person, and don't pay enough attention.

Anthony Lewis | August 15, 2004
Eric, isn't that how EVERYONE drives in Texas?

Lori Lancaster | August 15, 2004
[hidden by request]

Scott Horowitz | August 16, 2004
I have to say that since NY (and now NJ) have made it illegal to drive while on a cell phone (w/o hands free) driving isn't as bad as it used to be. I personally think all states should adapt that law (and the smoking ban would be nice too).

Anthony Lewis | August 16, 2004
I'm usually a relaxed driver, which is like I am as a person. Bad drivers don't really stress me too much, which is just the way I handle stressful situations that might stress out other people. But don't cut me off...which is like saying "don't cross me" in life, cause I'll will be a serious bitch about it. I like to go fast, but not too fast...and I don't slow down at accidents (sounds like my sex life...**tee hee**).

Dave Stoppenhagen | August 16, 2004
What pisses me off is when someone is in the left lane going the speed limit or under it and, riding along side of the car in the right lane. It usually turns out that they are on their cell or talking with friends and not paying attention to what the hell they are doing.

Steve Dunn | August 16, 2004
I drive pretty fast on the highway, usually 80 or 85. I try to be as polite and considerate as possible, but if it comes right down to it, I'm not going to wait if you're going too slow. I will go around you by whatever means necessary. I immediately get out of the way of people who want to faster than I do. I'm pretty laid back in the city, rarely going more than 10 mph over the limit.

I think my driving is an accurate reflection of my psychology.

Melissa Erin | August 16, 2004
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | August 20, 2004
Nowhere but on the highway can you see virtually everyone around you breaking the law in plain view. I drive the speed limit almost everywhere, and watch as dozens of cars pass me by every few minutes, some going ten or twenty or even thirty miles an hour faster. I don't hold it against people who speed, but I can't help but be amused by the unhidden lawlessness of it.

John Viola | August 20, 2004
They aren't speed limits as much as speed guidelines -

'The recommended speed for this road is 70 mph. Be safe, arrive alive, and all that jazz. Just watch out for Scott, because you might run into him!'

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