Scott Hardie | October 15, 2001
October 10, 1912 - October 11, 2001. R.I.P.

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Privacy in Oakland: The Big Picture

A year and a half after our Parking Lot Privacy discussion (link) the same trend resurfaces, but this time with higher stakes. Instead of exposing pornography customers to their wives and girlfriends, the city of Oakland is putting up billboards with phot Go »

Prison Babes

This is mean-spirited and in poor taste, but I've got to post it anyway. I came across a pair of web sites today that produce interesting contrasts when the same person is looked up in both:, Go »

Back from Collegeland

I don't like those weeks when you get so tied up with classes that you lose touch with the outside world, but I do like the rush of freedom at the end of them. I spent yesterday afternoon and night asleep, so here's my first waking time of freedom. Go »

Open the ClickHole

Here's taking a moment to praise ClickHole, The Onion's hilarious parody of Buzzfeed, updated daily. Buzzfeed and other clickbait sites are full of ridiculously dumb bullshit, and this site expertly satirizes them. Go »

Anna's Wedding

Anna Gregoline and Jesse Thomas got married yesterday in Chicago and a few of us attended the happy event. My congratulations and best wishes are to the bride and groom, and my thanks for being invited; it was a wonderful ceremony. Go »

Replacement Axl

It's one thing for Axl Rose to attempt another Guns N' Roses tour this summer. That's improbable to happen as planned, because Rose is a notorious prima donna who goes on stage hours late (or not at all) because something's wrong with his dressing room, a Go »

Happy anniversary!

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