Scott Hardie | February 11, 2020
I had an absolute blast at last year's Extra Life event, that 24-hour marathon of gaming for charity. And I continue to be grateful for the support!

People asked me afterwards if I became sick of Marvel Legendary. I'm not sick at all of playing that game! It has endless combinations of characters and stories, each requiring different strategies, so I could happily do another 24 hours in it. (I did get pretty sick of setting up the board and breaking down the board between games, but it was worth the effort.) My friend Wes, the only person to do the whole 24 hours with me, said that he felt the same way.

Last year, the event came together quickly and there wasn't enough time to invite people properly. So, this year, I'm announcing this way earlier: I'm officially doing another 24-hour game event on November 7, 2020, and I'd like to invite anyone on Funeratic to join me.

The plan is to do another campaign in Marvel Legendary with a new story (hopefully a little better written this time with more advance notice). My friends who participated last time are considering a return, but I'm committed: Even if no one does this with me, I'll still do it alone. I'm already about a third of the way into planning the campaign and excited to play it!

If you're interested in playing too and can arrange to fly down (our airports are SRQ, TPA, and PIE), I'd be thrilled to host you in our guest bedroom. Depending on how long you can visit, we could do other stuff too, like beaches or theme parks or local attractions. (Truly, if anyone from Funeratic wanted to visit for any occasion, you'd be welcome here. It doesn't have to be for this!) Please let me know, here or privately, if you're considering it and if I can provide any more information.

I'll post more details about the event as we get into summer and fall. Here's hoping to have an even better event the second time!

Scott Hardie | July 20, 2020
Given the pandemic that has happened since February, it's likely that I'll do this either alone or in some kind of online capacity instead. I'm still open to talking about doing it together with anyone who's interested. Here's saying that something has come up for me on November 7, so I'm moving this to November 14 instead.

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