Scott Hardie | October 21, 2019
When I first heard the concept a few years ago, it was scary but kind of enticing: Volunteers playing a game for 24 hours non-stop to raise money for charity, by getting friends and family to sponsor them. I love board games and card games and some video games, but most of them would not hold my interest for 4 hours, let alone 24. But with the right game, and the right friends at the table...

This year, I finally decided to take the plunge. In two weeks, I'm going to sit down with friends and play 24 hours of Marvel Legendary, where you work together as teams of superheroes to defeat classic Marvel villains. I have most of the many expansion packs, so we'll have endless combinations of heroes and villains to play without repeating ourselves or getting bored. I've played it for as long as 8 hours before and had a blast. After 24 hours, we'll see how much I still love it. :-)

I'm sharing this information for two reasons:

1) I'd love to have your support! Raising money is what it's all about. 100% of the funds go towards Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, a great cause. You can donate on my fundraising page. No contribution is too small. Every dollar is appreciated!

2) This is really late notice, but if anyone from Funeratic would like to join us in Florida on November 2 to play, please contact me and we can work it out. If the 2019 event goes well, I'll probably do this again in future years, with much more advance notice. That way, anyone who feels like flying across the country for a crazy 24-hour charity gaming marathon can do so. :-)

I'll update this discussion before, during, and after the event, especially to thank people who contribute. I hope that this is a big success!

Steve West | October 21, 2019
Just contributed. Thanos approves.

Scott Hardie | October 21, 2019

Excellent! Thank you, Steve!

Matthew Preston | October 21, 2019
Happy to contribute! I hope in this case, that reality isn’t disappointing. Have fun!

Scott Hardie | October 21, 2019

Awesome! Thank you, Matthew! The Punisher approves as well.

Scott Hardie | October 30, 2019

We have a new contribution from Andy, who donated as Mr. P. I know that P doesn't stand for Parker in this case, but I'm sure Spider-Man would approve. Thank you, Andy!

There's still time for anyone else to contribute. Small donations are welcome -- every dollar helps! I appreciate all of it.

Scott Hardie | October 30, 2019
Erik, thank you very much! I know exactly where to add the name that you chose. :-) Marvel's Erik is glad too.

Scott Hardie | November 1, 2019
Kelly, who likes She-Hulk. has donated too. I'll put her name into the game. Thanks Kelly!

I have organized the game like an RPG campaign, with one continuous story across the day even though each game/chapter has different heroes and villains. There are 12 essential chapters that tell the main story, with up to 8 bonus chapters branching off at various points in case we're running ahead of schedule. I expect the final count to be around 14-15 chapters played.

Extra Life participants typically broadcast what they're doing on platforms like Twitch, Instagram, or even just Twitter and Facebook. I'm going to share our progress here instead. After we start around 8am tomorrow, I'll post a summary of each chapter when we complete it, including either the "good ending" or "bad ending" depending on whether or not we won. I hope that those of you who enjoy that kind of thing will get a kick out of it, and for the rest of you it won't be too annoying. :-) Fyi to understand what I post tomorrow, each game typically has five playable heroes, one mastermind that we have to defeat to win, and a group of lesser villains that we fight along the way. Heroes win or lose together, with an additional singular winner who collected the most points.

Here's looking forward to a great day tomorrow. Thank you all for your support. :-D

Scott Hardie | November 2, 2019
We got a late start due to one player having car trouble. We played an unrelated one-off game with Arcade and the X-Men, and now we're starting the campaign. The mood at the table is happy despite the delay.

Steve West | November 2, 2019
Go THANOS! Maybe this time instead of eliminating half of all life in the universe, you should consider doubling the size of the universe. Go, anyway!

Scott Hardie | November 2, 2019

Chapter 1: War, Huh, Yeah, What Is It Good For

opening text: Two galactic enemies, the Kree and the Skrull, have been at war for years. The Kree have superior technology, but the Skrull are cunning shape-shifters. The war has wreaked all kinds of havoc on neighboring star systems. The Guardians of the Galaxy have been hired to bring an end to the war for good. As the Guardians visit the crossroad system called Knowhere, they make a disturbing discovery: Skrulls are impersonating them!

heroes: Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord

mastermind: Kree Supreme Intelligence

villains: Kree StarForce, Skrulls, Guardians of Knowhere, Death's Heads

outcome: heroes won

ending text: The Kree Supreme Intelligence is no more! The Skrull imitators of the Guardians flee from Knowhere, and the galaxy is at peace. Much to Star-Lord and Rocket's delight, the galaxy is also prepared to pay them well for their service.

Scott Hardie | November 2, 2019

Chapter 2: The Power of the Rings

opening text: Five years after the Guardians of the Galaxy took on the Kree Supreme Intelligence, the Avengers have a different fight on their hands. Armed thugs are taking over the main neighborhoods of the city of Paris, and reports on the ground say that a large bomb has been installed in the Eiffel Tower. Millions of people could die if the bomb is not defused in time! The Avengers take a QuinJet to the city of lights to set things right.

heroes: Goliath, Scarlet Witch, Sentry, War Machine, Wonder Man

mastermind: Mandarin

villains: Emissaries of Evil, K'un-Lun, Yellowjacket, Moonstone, Tarantula, Bullseye, Mandarin's Rings

outcome: villains won

ending text: Wanda Maximoff manages to trap the nuclear detonation in a pocket dimension, but the act of holding it back so strains her that the resulting lack of concentration in her powers causes a small earthquake, rattling the city for miles. Mandarin and his minions get away in the chaos. It will take the Avengers hours to help clear rubble and search for survivors. Meanwhile, they get an urgent distress call from Black Widow on the SHIELD helicarrier, just outside of New York City.

Scott Hardie | November 2, 2019

Chapter 3: Insane Clown's Posse

opening text: Meanwhile, in Manhattan: It's an hour before daybreak on the streets of New York. Private investigator Jessica Jones is on the case of a circus troupe who are committing robberies, when she catches them red handed, breaking into a bank vault. And it appears they're not alone, as several more criminals descend on the scene and they begin fighting each other. When a security guard is killed in the gunfire, this summons the spirit of vengeance that lives in Ghost Rider. The police band radio attracts Ronin and the Punisher. Blade has his own mysterious reasons for investigating.

heroes: Blade, Ghost Rider, Jessica Jones, Punisher, Ronin

mastermind: Pagliacci

villains: Army of Evil, Wrecking Crew, Lethal Legion, The Hand, Cops, Circus of Crime

outcome: heroes won

ending text: The vicious Pagliacci is arrested, and the heroes get away from the police. But there's a twist: Jessica Jones observes the Hand getting away with a laptop computer, taken from the office above the bank. Was the bank just a diversion from the real robbery?

Matthew, your contribution led directly to the Punisher's inclusion here. Thank you!

Scott Hardie | November 2, 2019

Chapter 4: The Sky is Falling

opening text: Aboard the SHIELD helicarrier, drifting in the air over the Atlantic Ocean near New York, Black Widow is briefing top SHIELD officers Nick Fury, Rick Jones, Clint Barton, Elsa Bloodstone, and Eli Bradley about recent Avengers activity. Suddenly the lights in the room flash red and the doors slam shut. The intercom blares, "Alert: Broken Mask protocol initiated. All personnel respond." By the time they break open the doors, they're being attacked by SHIELD agents, some of whom yell, "Hail HYDRA!" Has SHIELD been infiltrated by HYDRA agents? There's a series of explosion and the ship begins to list. They're falling out of the sky. Black Widow sends out an urgent distress call to all Avengers.

heroes: Black Widow, Elsa Bloodstone, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Patriot, Rick Jones

mastermind: Maria Hill

villains: HYDRA, SHIELD Elite, Thunderbolts, HYDRA Base, SHIELD Assault Squad

outcome: heroes won

ending text: After Maria Hill is shot in battle, she collapses lifelessly and her face melts off. She was an android! Nick Fury picks up her body and the heroes look for a quick way off the helicarrier. Clint disappears in the confusion, but they find the real Maria Hill tied up in a locked closet. They use an escape pod to get free of the ship before it sinks into the ocean. As they make their way back to the city, they discuss whether any other key people could be robots. Bruce Banner has been absent for some time. Tony Stark has been acting strangely. Scott Lang has also been acting strangely, but he always does. Black Widow agrees to watch them closely.

Scott Hardie | November 2, 2019

Chapter 5: X Marks the Plot

opening text: An intruder sneaks into the Xavier School for Gifted Students. It's a disguised ninja-like figure, moving quickly and quietly. It slips past the students keeping guard, and breaks into the underground lair of the X-Men. By the time the figure reaches the door to Cerebro, beyond which Professor X is busy, the X-Men have closed in and are ready to fight. The intruder removes his cowl: It's Sabretooth! He has come with an urgent message: Magneto has engineered a device to hypnotize non-mutants, to control them like puppets. He's planning to turn them all against each other violently, as a punishment for their treatment of mutantkind. Magneto has been acting increasingly unhinged lately, and Sabretooth cannot go along with an act of genocide like this, so he's come to get help. The X-Men agree to go with him back to Magneto to stop this. It turns out that several X-Men have been hypnotized as well and need freeing!

heroes: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Gambit, Rogue, Sabretooth

mastermind: Magneto

villains: Uncanny X-Men, X-Men First Class, X-Men '92, Sisterhood of Mutants, Multiple Man, Sapien League

outcome: heroes won

ending text: When Magneto is defeated, he collapses, unconscious. Sabretooth says he doesn't smell like himself. They quickly bind him with plastic and bring him aboard the Blackbird jet to take him to Beast for study.

Scott Hardie | November 2, 2019

Bonus Chapter: The Chimichanga Kid

opening text: Bob the HYDRA Agent survived the Helicarrier destruction and feels terrible about being led by a killbot. He wants revenge on HYDRA, so he goes to hire a mercenary that he once met: Deadpool! But when he manages to find him in Central Park, Deadpool has his own hands full. He's being attacked by clones of himself, villains he vaguely remembers pissing off before, and some kind of ugly-ass bugs. When a few other New York heroes join in the fight, Deadpool might just have a chimichanga's chance in hell of surviving.

heroes: Bob the HYDRA Agent, Deadpool, Howard the Duck, Squirrel Girl, Slapstick

masterminds: Macho Gomez

villains: Deadpool's "Friends," Evil Corpse Deadpool, assorted Deadpools from various villain sets, The Brood

outcome: heroes won

ending text: Macho Gomez, it turns out, is an intergalactic bounty hunter. Apparently Deadpool's DNA has been scattered around the galaxy, resulting in clones, which is a lot different than how Deadpool prefers to spread his DNA. With Gomez driven away and the clones and brood dead, there's nothing left to do but relax. Deadpool treats everyone to chimichangas.

I spent about 60 seconds writing most of these text blurbs, so don't expect greatness. :-P

Matthew Preston | November 2, 2019

click photo to zoom

Scott Hardie | November 3, 2019

Chapter 6: Empire State of Crime

opening text: Luke Cage has his bulletproof hands full, trying to stop a gangland war that has erupted across all of New York City, including his beloved Harlem. He calls in help from his friend Danny Rand, the immortal Iron Fist, and together they find themselves teaming up with other heroic New Yorkers to fight back against the crime wave. It's like every criminal outfit in the city is at war with the others.

heroes: Hellcat, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk

masterminds: The Hood, Kingpin

villains: Hood's Gang, Streets of New York, Utopolis, Maggia Goons, The Hand

outcome: villains win

ending text: There are too many bodies in the streets. The Kingpin and the Hood get away, and our heroes are unable to stop them. Once Luke and Danny interrogate enough goons, they discover that the gangs are warring over a hard drive stolen by the Hand. Word on the street is that certain people will pay any amount of money for it, but nobody's saying who. The heroes get the hard drive, but it's damaged and they cannot read the contents. Danny says that the Rand Corporation has done some high-tech consulting with Forge of the X-Men and thinks he might be able to build something to read it.

Scott Hardie | November 3, 2019

Chapter 7: The Face of Doom

opening text: Black Widow brings the robotic remains of Maria Hill to Vision at Avengers Tower. Vision studies it but doesn't know what to make of it, so he takes it to the Baxter Building so that Mr. Fantastic can analyze it in a lab. Reed Richards studies it and determines that it's an enhanced Doombot. This is the work of Dr. Doom! With help from Vision, the Fantastic Four determine to go to Latveria to confront Doom for his evil attack on SHIELD. There, in Doom's castle, they discover androids ready to replace many key government figures, including U.S. President Norman Osborn. Doom activates his robots and his minions to fight the intruders.

heroes: Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Vision

mastermind: Dr. Doom

villains: Intelligencia, U-Foes, Masters of Evil, Doombot Legion, Mandroid

outcome: heroes win

ending text: Doom laughs with his dying breaths, activating a device. Upon death, he turns into a Skrull! Before the Fantastic Four can process this information, a portal opens and they're pulled into it. Vision phases out of solid matter and escapes the portal's pull. It closes on its own. Vision knows he's going to need help to find the Fantastic Four in another dimension.

Scott Hardie | November 3, 2019
Thank you, Steve! Your contribution does put a smile on Thano's face.

Scott Hardie | November 3, 2019

Chapter 8: X-Cessive Force

opening text: Iron Fist drops off the damaged hard drive with Forge at the headquarters of X-Force, who begins trying to get data from it. Cable calls the team together and says that he's received word that the New Mutants have been abducted and taken to the Savage Land, including Colossus's sister Magik. X-Force is to go there and rescue the New Mutants. Forge, who cannot give up a project once he starts, continues working on the hard drive on the jet.

heroes: Cable, Domino, Forge, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver

mastermind: Stryfe

villains: Dark Descendants, Mutant Liberation Front, Hellfire Club, Savage Land Mutants

outcome: heroes won

ending text: X-Force succeeds in rescuing the New Mutants and proves too much for Stryfe's forces, but the mastermind himself sneaks away and gets into a ship. Only Quicksilver is fast enough to get onboard as the ship takes off into the upper atmosphere. He sees that Stryfe has stolen the hard drive that Forge was working on.

Scott Hardie | November 3, 2019

Bonus Chapter: All the Lies Fit to Print

opening text: The Daily Bugle's headline: Spider-Man pulls off shocking pre-dawn bank robbery in Midtown Manhattan! Apparently Spidey is in charge of a gang of circus performers and red-clad ninjas, too. They're even accusing him of dragging people into the sewers and turning them into spider-people. But he doesn't have time to respond, because the Sinister Six and several of his other notable foes have taken advantage of the bad publicity to go on a crime spree. Can Spidey and his Spider-Friends take them all down and clear his name?

heroes: Daredevil, Iceman, Moon-Knight, Shang-Chi, Spider-Man

mastermind: J. Jonah Jameson

villains: Spider-Foes, Sinister Six, Life Foundation, Spider-Slayers

outcome: heroes won

ending text: The team fights their way through to Jameson's office on the top floor of the Daily Bugle. He runs to a closet and gets inside, sliding shut a metal door behind him and grinning through a window. There's a rumbling and a blast of air and heat. The ceiling partially collapses as Jameson's pod flies up into the sky, disappearing into the clouds.

Scott Hardie | November 3, 2019

Chapter 9: Big Trouble on a Little Asteroid

opening text: Stryfe's ship docks with Asteroid M, an orbiting facility constructed years ago by Magneto. Quicksilver knocks out Stryfe and explores the facility, discovering that it's being used for experiments with the Phalanx, an alien race that infects the body with nanotech, similar to the Borg from Star Trek. Quicksilver realizes that Stryfe must have taken the New Mutants to experiment on them. Quicksilver is seized by a tentacle and infected. He races to a comm station and sends a message to the X-Men, before collapsing. The X-Men board a Blackbird and travel to the space station as quickly as they can. As they explore, a klaxon blares and blast doors shut, trapping them in different sections. Meanwhile, the Shi'ar race have come to attack the asteroid for unknown reasons.

heroes: Banshee, Beast, Cannonbal, Dazzler, Jubilee, Legion, Psylocke

mastermind: Apocalypse

villains: Four Horsemen, Shi'ar Imperial Guard, Phalanx, Shi'ar Patrol Craft, Shi'ar Death Commandos

outcome: villains won

ending text: Apocalypse proves himself too powerful for the X-Men to defeat. As they lie on the ground, writhing from the Phalanx infections, Cannonball charges at Apocalypse one last time and blasts him through a window, out into space, where they both convulse and die. Apocalypse's corpse turns into a Skrull. The Shi'ar project a force field around the base but broadcast a message: "It is too late. The beacon has been activated." Dazzler can sense the asteroid vibrating subtly with some kind of cosmic energy. Beast does some calculations and realizes that the asteroid has been turned into some kind of beacon, sending energy waves to a specific point in space, to attract something here to Earth. He realizes that it must be something incomprehensibly large; the only thing that big that he knows of is Galactus. Jubilee finds a machine for interfacing with computers and tries it with the damaged hard drive, and together they manage to get it working. It contains a list of every Skrull on Earth and the public identity that they have taken. Some of the Skrulls use code names like "Big Bunny." Some of the Skrulls have mundane identities like J. Jonah Jameson and Kelly Lee. There are numerous Skrulls masquerading as villains like Mandarin and Magneto. There are also Skrulls impersonating notable heroes, including Clint Barton, Stephen Strange, Charles Xavier, Tony Stark, and Blackagar Boltagon. The X-Men realize that the Skrulls have planned Earth's destruction, through nuclear bombs and earthquake generators and hypnotizing humans into attacking each other and now this Phalanx experiment. For some reason, the Skrulls want humanity destroyed, and to that end, they have summoned the planet-eating Galactus. The X-Men, resigned to quarantining themselves with the Phalanx, cannot leave Asteroid M without infecting Earth, but they can get the word out. They rig the comm station to broadcast a message to all of Earth simultaneously, revealing Galactus's arrival and the Skrull invasion. It's up to Earth's heroes to mount a resistance.

Scott Hardie | November 3, 2019

Chapter 10: Revengers Assemble

opening text: After the X-Men's broadcast to Earth, the Avengers struggle to figure out how to mount a counter-offensive alone. But then they get an offer to help from a most unexpected source: An incoming video transmission from Skadi (daughter of Red Skull) and Maximus (brother of Black Bolt and enemy of the Inhumans). They want to take care of the Skrull invaders themselves, by assembling some of Earth's mightiest of their own. The Avengers agree to deal with Galactus while the newly-dubbed "Revengers" take down the Skrulls masquerading as Earth's heroes. Every villain in the world wants in on the action, if they can be convinced of the cause.

heroes: Carnage, Dr. Octopus, Juggernaut, Maximus, Skadi, Ultron

mastermind: The Illuminati (Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Professor X)

villains: Skrulls, Illuminati, Cops

outcome: "heroes" won

ending text: When the fight is won, the Revengers erupt into triumphant laughter. It feels good to see the heroes brought down, even if they turn into Skrulls upon dying. Thanks to this battle, there are no more Skrulls remaining on Earth.

Scott Hardie | November 3, 2019

Chapter 11: Earth Strikes Back

opening text: Knowing that the Avengers cannot stop the Skrulls by staying on Earth, Thor calls upon Heimdall to use the Bifrost to send him to get help. In the cosmos, he recruits a team of space-faring heroes. Together, they descend on Skrullos, the home planet of the Skrulls.

heroes: Captain Marvel, Nova, Photon, Silver Surfer, Thor

mastermind: King Hyperion

villains: Skrulls, Pink Sphinx, Doop, Bug, Marcus, Death's Heads

outcome: heroes won

ending text: It all makes sense! They've encountered Hyperion before. He came from a violent, brutal alternate dimension, where he became the sole survivor on Earth after a nuclear war that was triggered in an attempt to kill him. He must have taken over the Skrulls, who were newly ascendant in the absence of the Kree, and harnessed their power to get revenge on his homeworld in this dimension, Earth. With Hyperion now soundly defeated, the Skrulls surrender immediately to the cosmic heroes and swear an oath never to interfere with Earth again. However, they cannot call off the doomsday weapon that is Galactus.

Scott Hardie | November 3, 2019

Chapter 12: The Hunger Gnaws Eternal

opening text: It's the final battle for Earth! Galactus has arrived and he's hungry. Many Marvel heroes are coming together to stop him and his heralds. He cannot be killed, but if they put up enough of a resistance, he can be driven away.

heroes: Black Panther & Storm, Cloak & Dagger, Colossus & Wolverine, the ghost of Dr. Strange possessing the Punisher, and the Venom symbiote bonded to Rocket Raccoon

mastermind: Galactus

villains: Heralds of Galactus, Monsters Unleashed, Underworld, Magma Men

outcome: heroes win

ending text: Success! Galactus has been repelled! Earth is safe. The world rejoices.

Scott Hardie | November 3, 2019
That concludes the 12-chapter campaign and the 24-hour gaming event. We are tired but even more excited to have played and finished a great gaming marathon. I'm also pleased to have raised so much money for the cause. I have further contributions to make based on losing some games along the way and not having the most wins.

I need rest now, but soon (tomorrow) I'll share some final thoughts once that I've had time to process this experience, and I'll share details on the six bonus chapters that we didn't play. For those that supported this and/or followed along, thank you very much! I'm grateful.

Matthew Preston | November 3, 2019
Well done sir! An exciting and impressive feat.

Scott Hardie | November 5, 2019
Thanks! Now that it's over, some thoughts:

I really enjoyed this. I had a blast assembling the campaign, and just as much fun playing it. I'm not at all tired of playing that game (though I have become very tired setting it up and breaking it down for each play). It was great to have 24 hours with my teammate Wes, and visits for part of the day from Kelly and our friends Carl and Jeff. I was pleased not only not to be tired, but not to be sore from sitting in a dining chair for 24 hours; getting up and moving around every hour made a ton of difference. Thanks to Wes's car trouble, I wound up playing for a total of 26 hours, and I could have gone on for longer.

I'm also really glad that we raised so much money for the campaign. I'm sure it's only a tiny portion of what the organization needs, but I'm elated that we did our part. We exceeded my fundraising goal of $500, netting $609 in the end (unless any more comes in). That feels great. I'm so grateful for everyone who contributed. Thank you!

Whether or not I do Extra Life again in the future, I cannot say yet. It depends entirely on what I said before about finding the right game and the right people. I love most games, but I can't imagine playing most of them more than a few times in a row. Kelly suggested playing a variety of games over 24 hours like apparently a lot of Extra Life participants do, and I might do that, but that does lack a certain je ne sais quoi. If you might be interested in joining us for something like this in the future (Marvel or otherwise), please let me know, as that is likely to affect my decision. :-)

The campaign itself was surprisingly tough to put together. Marvel may lend itself well to crossovers between characters, but try telling a complete long story in which teams of five heroes at a time face a series of villains with specific schemes (rule sets just for each game) without reusing any heroes or villains, without repeating Thanos's infinity quest (we played that a few months ago), and without just doing something plain like "it's Battleworld and they all have to fight each other just because." I wound up borrowing ideas from Secret Invasion, World War Hulk, and the Lego Marvel Super-Heroes video game for some of my story elements.

If anyone's interested, here are the six bonus games that we didn't have time to play:

Bonus Chapter: World War X

opening text: After Sabretooth and the X-Men bring a dying Magneto back to the X-Mansion for study, Magneto dies and turns into a Skrull. Jean Grey quickly scans the minds of other people present and realizes that Charles Xavier is also a Skrull! She blurts it aloud, hoping to alert the others before Xavier can wipe her mind, but he just laughs and says it's too late. He says that he just sent someone back to Earth's past to change history so that WWII ended in an Axis victory and all mutants will be exterminated. While the other X-Men deal with the Xavier-Skrull, Jean Grey and Bishop run to Beast's laboratory, where they have been working on a time-travel device to return Bishop to his own timeline. The prototype is only configured to work with Jean for now, so she takes it and starts jumping around in time, trying to recruit help and preserve the original timeline. First she jumps into the far future, when Logan is the only mutant still alive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Then she jumps into the near future, when a senior Steve Rogers is the director of SHIELD. Then she jumps to the 1980s, where Spider-Man has just replaced his costume with an alien symbiote. Finally, she successfully jumps all the way back to 1941, finding the classic Captain America in all his patriotic glory. Together, they must prevent HYDRA and the Skrulls from changing the course of the war, but they brought some troublemakers from Logan's wasteland back with them.

heroes: 1941 Captain America, Old Man Logan, SHIELD Director Steve Rogers, Symbiote Spider-Man, Time-Traveling Jean Grey

mastermind: Arnim Zola

villains: Masters of Evil (1941), Wasteland, Zola's Creations, Skrulls, HYDRA, HYDRA Base

Bonus Chapter: When Worlds Collide

opening text: Vision locates the dimension-hopping Ms. America, and informs her of the Fantastic Four being lost in a portal. She agrees to search for them. She starts roaming the multiverse, discovering two worlds merging together that definitely shouldn't: A Noir world trapped in the Roaring '20s, and a Zombie-overrun world populated solely with the walking dead. She's worried about this rift between worlds growing larger, so she recruits some heroes from the multiverse to help her fight back. There's Kitty Pryde from a world where the villain Apocalypse conquered Earth. There's a barbaric Captain America from a world where dinosaurs roam. There's Gwenpool, from a world where Gwen Stacy became Deadpool instead of Wade Wilson*. There's Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man. There's Captain Marvel from a world where she works for SHIELD. There's Ruby Summers, the daughter of Scott Summers and Emma Frost from an alternate timeline, whose skin is hardened ruby. And the heroes might get help from a few locals in these dimensions.

heroes: Apocalyptic Kitty Pryde, Captain & Devil, Captain Marvel Agent of SHIELD, Gwenpool, Ms. America, Ruby Summers, Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

masterminds: Underworld Crime Boss Goblin (Noir), and Zombie Green Goblin (Zombies)

villains: Goblin's Freak Show, Manhattan (Earth 1610), The Deadlands, Domain of Apocalypse, Ghost Racers, Thor Corps

*Yeah, I know that's not Gwenpool's real origin, but I like it better. :-P

Bonus Chapter: 20,000 Quakes Under the Sea

opening text: At Avengers Tower, the android Jocasta is notified by computer that there are earthquakes happening at the bottom of the ocean, in the vicinity of Atlantis, Namor's underwater kingdom. She takes a QuinJet to those coordinates and then dives down in the water herself, and soon finds Namor and Namora defending Atlantis from attackers. Meanwhile, two other heroes arrive: Man-Thing cannot tolerate damage to the ecosystem, while Stingray opposes the violent attackers.

heroes: Jocasta, Man-Thing, Namor, Namora, Stingray

mastermind: M.O.D.O.K.

villains: Enemies of Asgard, Subterranea, Underworld, MODOKs

Bonus Chapter: The Mad Titan Returns

opening text: Guess who's pissed at being replaced by the Skrulls? Thanos is furious that, while he was away decimating a planet, Skrulls attempted to usurp his throne and take over his army. Except, it's not exactly what he's thinking. The Thanos on that throne is rippling with an alien symbiote, and he's in command of a number of similar symbiote clones. These are Poisons, a race from another dimension, who have bonded to Skrull shapeshifters, locking them into their imitations of other people. Thanos will be all too happy to end their suffering.

heroes: Black Swan, Corvus Glaive, Loki, Proxima Midnight, Thanos

mastermind: Poison Thanos

villains: Poisons, Skrulls, Aspects of the Void, Cytoplasm Spikes

Bonus Chapter: Along Came a Spider-Queen

opening text: That Daily Bugle headline about spider-people in the sewers turned out to have some truth to it after all, when large spiders in what appeared to be Shocker and Vulture's costumes emerged from the sewers and dragged two screaming bystanders underground. There are reports of a growing number of spider-people down there. Before these eight-legged freaks can do any harm to her good name, Spider-Woman rounds up a few Avengers who can help investigate the source, including genius scientist Amadeus Cho who has figured out the secret to becoming and controlling the Hulk. But walking into the lair of the spiders is not for the faint of heart...

heroes: Amadeus Cho, Black Panther, Captain America, Hercules, Spider-Woman

mastermind: Spider-Queen

villains: Marauders, Sinister Six, Streets of New York, Spider-Infected

horror cards: The Blood Thickens, Opening Salvo, Viral Infection, Maniacal Mastermind, Fight to the End

Bonus Chapter: And I Ran, I Ran Sakaar Away

opening text: Bruce Banner thought his life was hard on Earth. Then the Skrull Illuminati -- Xavier, Stark, Boltagon, and Strange -- decided that he was too big of a threat to their plans, and used Strange's magic to banish him to a distant planet called Sakaar. Now he has a subjugation disk attached to his neck that shocks him if he misbehaves, and he's forced to fight in non-stop gladiatorial combat against his own friends and some of his enemies, for the amusement of the alien beings and their mysterious ruler. Now he really is always angry!

heroes: Bruce Banner, Caiera, Gladiator Hulk, Korg, Miek the Unhived

mastermind: The Red King

villains: Sakaar Imperial Guard, Radiation, Warbound, Sakaaran Hivelings

Scott Hardie | November 5, 2019
Also, I'd like specifically to thank the three donors who came in at the end, Jeff and two anonymous donors. I'm so glad to have their support.

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First Day of School

Today was the first day of my last semester of college. I had planned, without telling anyone, on attending every class this semester. Go »

Osama Has Not Been Captured (Yet)

Today, a site user received the very first piece of spam sent to anyone through this site (to my knowledge). Go »


Now that a judge has declared Florida's gerrymandering illegal, it has gotten me wondering about the plague of gerrymandering across this country that is shaping elections and accelerating the split between conservatives and liberals. Go »


Sorry, not much time to type these days. Been a busy week. Almost got evicted with Kelly, managed (I think) to avoid that. Go »

Pre-Apocalyptic Fiction

I just want to vent for a minute about what I call pre-apocalyptic fiction, and its fans. (I should mention that a friend of mine has written a pretty good RPG in this subgenre. Go »

Help Me Keep My Cat

This is a plea for advice from other cat owners. When I moved in here two months ago, I started catching my three-year-old cat urinating under the dining table. Go »