Scott Hardie | September 29, 2019
Russ, congrats on another solo solution! I knew when I created that "1990 toon" goo that it would be quite difficult. Several players guessed the same wrong answer, so I'll make a do-over goo.

Russ Wilhelm | September 29, 2019
Thanks Scott. I validated with google that mxm was 1990, so apparently it's a fairly wide spread error in conversion.

Matthew Preston | September 29, 2019
Well done Russ! I still say it's Hamton J. Pig though...

Chris Lemler | September 29, 2019
Great job. Would you care to share how you found it or is it a secret?

Scott Hardie | September 29, 2019
Ha! I'm not an expert on Roman numerals. Maybe there are multiple ways to convert large numbers, like there are multiple ways to handle order of operations in math. I thought MXM was 1990 when I first saw it, but double-checked online and found MCMXC.

Scott Hardie | September 29, 2019
I don't know if anyone is familiar with mxmtoon beyond this goo, but she's pretty talented for a mere high school student recording in her house. Too bad she's stuck with that YouTube account name as her (terrible) professional stage name.

Russ Wilhelm | October 5, 2019

Thanks. No secret, but no great stratigical magic either. I was trying different searches for songs released in 2018, saw the name, or rather the "toon" portion of it, debated to check it out or not, and apparently made the right decision. Almost missed it.

LaVonne Lemler | October 6, 2019
Russ, congrats on yet another solo solution! Fourteen for the Funeratic "Soloist" is awesome! Keep it up.....there'll undoubtedly be more for you down the line! :-)

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