Scott Hardie | November 10, 2022
Russ, congrats on another solo solution, on another tough goo. I got as far as Girl Gone Twist in my research but guessed the wrong actor from the cast. Good goo, Chris!

LaVonne Lemler | November 11, 2022
WOW, Russ --- you're the solo king! Congrats on a nearly "impossible" goo! After making several attempts to solve this goo, I came up totally empty handed --- not so much as a clue; so merely gave up with no further tries. Guess I'm a poor sport --- thanks, Chris! :-)

Scott Hardie | December 2, 2022
And just like that, two more, for Thomas Hart Benton and Mark Sargent. Those were tough goos. Way to play, Russ! :-)

With so few players right now, and for some reason a run of really hard goos lately*, solo solutions have been happening more often and I might ease up on individual congratulations like this. But I still consider them a significant accomplishment and a reason for pride, and I hope that players continue to seek them out. :-)

*It's weird. Even when I try to write easy clues, they keep coming out hard, with obscure references and odd wordplay. After several tries, I had to force myself to write what I consider a really simple and obvious clue to Wednesday's Government goo because there was no other way it was going to happen that way.

Scott Hardie | December 3, 2022
Congrats on your 12th win and 17th perfect season in the game, Russ! It was well deserved: Nobody else came close to solving all 90 goos like you did. I think the goos this season have been harder than usual, so it must have required more research time and effort than usual, so to have solved all 90 is an especially impressive accomplishment and a testament to your dedication. I am well and truly impressed, and so glad that you still enjoy the game so much after all of these years!

To everyone else, I'm very glad to have you aboard as well as the game begins a new era tonight. We're going to have shorter rounds and more winners, and I'm so glad that we're finally making some changes. Here's to more fun ahead. :-)

Russ Wilhelm | December 3, 2022
Thanks. Benton was one especially challenging. It's one of those that up to the point you put your answer in, you're questioning yourself. But lack of a better choice almost forces you to take the chance.

I am enthusiastically looking forward to the new format of the game, good luck to all.

Scott Hardie | December 3, 2022
Yes, I've certainly had that sense of doubt on some goos when I've tried to solve them. I still remember something that Steve Dunn said years ago, that "if you don't know you're right when you enter your guess, you're wrong," but that's not always true.

LaVonne Lemler | December 4, 2022
Congrats, Russ on win #12 and 17 perfect seasons --- that's quite an accomplishment for 90 goos, particularly in this round. Keep it up! I expect nothing but perfection in the winter season as well! :-)

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