Jackie Mason | November 24, 2003
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Erik Bates | November 24, 2003
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Lori Lancaster | November 24, 2003
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Kris Weberg | November 25, 2003
Anyone have the latest on the fellow who was suing McDonalds because he gained weight eating their food?

Scott Hardie | November 25, 2003
If my mcmemory serves: All three such cases were thrown out of court, two of them by judges who were quite testy about it in their comments. Despite the judges essentially saying "don't bring this rubbish into a courtroom again," I read that the lawyers plan to do just that.

KFC almost might be smarter to ignore the health aspects of their food in their advertising - they're almost begging for a class-action suit over false advertising as it is. Seriously, health-consciousness is a major trend in food industries right now and for good reason, but aren't Americans getting fatter, not thinner, at an almost exponential rate? For every person trying to lose weight, there are two eating as they please and packing on the weight. If I were KFC, I wouldn't bother chasing the first one with misleading advertising.

Jackie Mason | November 26, 2003
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Anna Gregoline | December 1, 2003
They kind of do, since they have low-fat muffins and stuff. Maybe they'll add more items.

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