Scott Hardie | February 13, 2003
I wasn't gonna bring this up, but I've seen it too many times now. As some of you know because you got a copy of it, I recently received and sent out one of those email surveys that ask you a list of questions about yourself. It's a taste of fame for us non-celebrities. A couple of years ago, someone wrote something derogatory in his own email about one of my answers, and since then I've been reluctant to criticize someone's answer outright. Instead I'll just ask: What is with the fate question? This question asks whether you believe in fate, and I have now read three people answering to the effect of, "Yes fate exists, but you control it through your own choices." What the fuck? Isn't the whole point of fate that it is inevitable? How can something be destined if you're able to change it? If you mean that it becomes fate as soon as you make the choice that sets the sequence of events in motion, that's not quite the same thing - that's determination, not predetermination. I would like someone, whether they believe in fate or not, to help me please make sense of this seeming contradiction.

Lori Lancaster | February 13, 2003
[hidden by request]

Jackie Mason | February 14, 2003
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | February 14, 2003
So, fate controls some things but not others. Makes sense, I guess. Thanks for the explanation. I'm going to start a new topic that may seem to be an extension of this but it's something else.

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