Scott Hardie | August 12, 2018
Are we playing another fantasy season this year? I'll start it if at least four players are in.

My ideas for tweaking the settings this year:
- Have one injury reserve slot on each team, reducing the bench by one.
- Have a longer regular season with single-week championship rounds, not double-week championship rounds.

What do you think? I'm definitely open to more ideas. Thanks!

Steve West | August 12, 2018
I'm in and flexible about the rule change proposals.

Erik Bates | August 12, 2018
I'm in for another season!

click photo to zoom

Samir Mehta | August 13, 2018
[hidden by author request]

Steve West | August 17, 2018
I was scared before the GIF. Now, I'm mortified.

Scott Hardie | August 22, 2018
Are you available on the morning of 8/25 or 9/1 for a draft? Or should we draft offline? (I'm naming Saturday mornings because that's how it has happened in the past. I'm fine with Sundays or some weeknights if that's easier.)

Steve West | August 22, 2018
Either Sat AM works for me.

Erik Bates | August 22, 2018
I think I could make myself available either of those times.

Scott Hardie | August 24, 2018
Ok, let's draft at 10am Eastern on Saturday September 1. If anybody needs a change in that time, please just ask.

Scott Hardie | August 24, 2018
It's also not too late to join, if anybody else sees this before 9/1 and wants in. Just speak up. :-)

Scott Hardie | August 24, 2018
I just reactivated the league. You should have received an email. Please let me know if not.

I'll edit this if we get any other players, but for now I have set a 15-week regular season (so that we can face each opponent three times), with a 1-week playoff between the two teams that won the most during the regular season. If there's a tie, then whichever one defeated the other more often in head-to-head games will advance. We won't play during the final week of the real NFL season (17).

I also adjusted the bench as discussed.

Scott Hardie | August 31, 2018
Just a reminder, we draft at 10am ET tomorrow. Here's the league.

Chris Lemler | August 31, 2018
Scott if its not to late may I get in

Scott Hardie | August 31, 2018
Sure thing, Chris. I just added you. Please let me know if you didn't receive the invitation.

The schedule has now been randomized by ESPN, with one team having a bye each week for fifteen weeks.

Scott Hardie | August 31, 2018
Actually, scratch that: Aaron Shurtleff has also asked to join, so now we have six teams. It's still 15 weeks; there just aren't any byes.

Chris Lemler | August 31, 2018
Thank you Scott i appreciate you

Aaron Shurtleff | September 1, 2018
I trying to enjoy college football, and I already see updates on one of my fantasy players being injured...

I see how this season is going to go!

Scott Hardie | September 2, 2018
I was reluctant to do the draft while preseason games are still being played and there's still a risk of injuries, but that was the best time. But it doesn't matter so much given the small size of our league I think; one injury should not significantly disrupt a team here. We'll see what happens.

Aaron Shurtleff | September 2, 2018
Pffft! It's just a torn ACL. He'll be back in 2019.

I am not complaining by any means. Both because a) stuff happens and b) it's by far a worse day for him than it will ever be for a season of fantasy football. Let's hope no one else gets an injury!!

..except Tom Brady. F that guy.

[EDIT: I also forgot to emphasize the injury happened in practice, not during a preseason match-up, so when the draft was was never an issue, I would say. I'll still come out swinging!]

Steve West | September 11, 2018
One down, 15? 16? to go. Whatever, I'm pretty excited. So far so good until next week.

Aaron Shurtleff | September 11, 2018
Ah, but next week you face a strong opponent. No, a strong, handsome opponent!!!

...i am no good with smacky talky

Also, I wish to double down on the feelings I expressed previously in relation to Tom Brady. Particularly relevant this week!

The joke is going to be on me if I am misremembering and you don't face me next week, Steve! :)

Steve West | September 11, 2018
That's exactly what and who I was referencing. Ah, well - one in a row may be the best I can hope for this season. Best of luck to you, sir!

Scott Hardie | September 12, 2018
Not a good start for me but I'll survive. I'm playing in two other leagues and got crushed in both by Tyreek Hill, and I couldn't win in this one either. But it's going to be a long season. My team, recently renamed to avoid confusion with another league, is ready for more.

Aaron Shurtleff | September 18, 2018
Well, I guess the joke was on me after all. Congrats to Steve for putting me squarely in my place...which is not number one. If only Steve had started Tom Brady! ;)

Steve West | September 18, 2018
Fortunate for me that I'm still a "Kirk Jerk". Hope it lasts.

Scott Hardie | September 21, 2018
I am so very frustrated to have drafted Patrick Mahomes as a backup quarterback in another league and then to have traded him away before his hot streak started, allowing a rival team to snatch him up. I am hanging on to him in our league for damn sure.

Scott Hardie | December 25, 2018
Congratulations on winning the championship, Steve! That was a fun season.

Steve West | December 25, 2018
Fun and addictive. Thanks to all the players. See you next season!

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