Scott Hardie | August 7, 2001
Things are kind of messy right now. Kelly and I were supposed to return to Macomb on Sunday afternoon, but Kelly's car broke down (a leak in the power steering fluid supply meant that the car could barely turn) and so we don't return until tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

I will have to take about two hours to update the goo game and explain why it's so late, plus we have two new players and I'd rather not start them on a fucked up week. It will also take me 5-6 hours, I estimate, to properly run the simulation in WPS3, and at least another hour to update that site on top of it. So there's Tuesday, basically. Don't try to call us, because I'm going to be online all night.

Wednesday, besides cleaning up our massively dirty shithole of a house and doing the 3? 4? 5? week old stack of dishes in the sink, we're having some very impatient friends come over to run an rpg. These guys twice asked us to borrow Kelly's father's van and come to Macomb so that they could have their game. Are they aware that Kelly's father has a job to which he must commute? Do they grasp that maybe we don't want to be stuck in St. Charles but that we don't have any choice? We don't even really want to play this particular rpg; we're just willing to give it a chance.

Thursday, I will begin cleaning, since I won't have done it on Wednesday, and then I get to spend all afternoon helping Kelly fill out applications so that she can get a job. I don't mind this task, just the time it takes away from things. I also have to deal with my own car and run my own errands. Is there even any food at my house?

Friday, there's some kind of event in Peoria that I think I'm supposed to attend. This ought to take up most of the day.

Saturday, I will finally resume my life. Besides starting on the cleaning that I won't have done on Thursday, I will actually get to do some writing and maybe even play a game. Oh, and I get to call my mom and tell her how I spent $600 of the $3000 that she sent me to get my car repaired, and ask for a replacement $600.

Sunday, back to gaming with the impatient ones. :-|

Anyway, if you're still reading this, you're Anna or Kelly. I'm really not in the mood to write at the moment, but I'll try to post a few other things on the board (I've mostly given up on the words "entry" and "weblog") before passing out. Fuck.

Lori Lancaster | August 13, 2001
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | August 13, 2001
You are welcome for the help. I hope that big tv got put into place. That thing was a beast.

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