Aaron Shurtleff | March 4, 2008
Yeah, the title is crass, but the legendary (IMHO) Gary Gygax passed away today at the ripe old age of 69. linkmaster Love him, hate him, or don't care about him, you won't have Gary Gygax to push around anymore.

I'm not sure why this is in CNN.com's technology section, but there you are.

Aaron Shurtleff | March 5, 2008
Yeah, feelin' the love for Gygax in here!! :P

Steve West | March 5, 2008
Possibly equally crass but I think he said his name backwards and returned to the fifth dimension. Never was into D & D but can't deny the influence on gaming from that point on.

Scott Hardie | March 5, 2008
I work with a group of fellow computer programmers.

The one sports fan among us said, "Guys, did you hear Brett Favre retired?"

Mumbles all around. "Pfft." "Who cares?" "Big deal."

I added, "Yeah, and Gary Gygax died today."

"What?!" "Oh my god!" "Wow!" "What a shame."

Yeah. We're geeks.

Scott Hardie | March 5, 2008
Even the Wikipedia vandals are having fun with it:

Tony Peters | March 5, 2008
thats funny

Amy Austin | March 6, 2008
Stephen Colbert gave a shout-out and a dice roll at the end of his show tonight. 'Course, I think the guy (or his writers, one) mainlines Wikipedia...

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