Kris Weberg | May 12, 2005
Everyone has 'em, what're yours?

You know, the movie,the song, the band, the TV show you know is bad and still you like it?
I'll commence.

Song: "Piano Man," by Billy Joel
Album/Band: Rasputina
TV show: Dragon Ball Z
Movie: Batman Forever

(Remember, you have to actually think it's bad and still enjoy it. No fair picking stuff you think has been unfairly overlooked or underrated by others. This is all about you and your quirks.)

Steve Dunn | May 12, 2005
Song: "All 4 Love" by Color Me Badd
Band: Smashmouth
TV Show: American Idol (normally I'd defend it, but this season is horrible)
Movie: Uncle Buck

Scott Horowitz | May 12, 2005
TV Show: 7th Heaven (the show is just plain awful, but I can't not watch it)

Scott Hardie | May 13, 2005
What, no book?

After "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist" (not to mention those awful "Thumb" parodies), Steve Oedekerk should be tried for crimes against humanity, but damn if I didn't laugh often during the movie. I can't say I'm looking forward to "Kung Pow 2: Tongue of Fury."

It wasn't long ago on TC that mentioned my disappointment with "American Family": I had seen three great episodes on PBS a few years back, then finally caught the first season on DVD recently. What I didn't know until then was that those were the three good episodes: The rest of the season ranked from bad to atrocious. I tried to force myself to watch one horrible episode, but I couldn't stand the torture; it was psychologically unbearable to witness. And I hate to say that, because I really, really want to like the show. It has so many good things going for it! It's just that the writing is so abominably bad. :-(

When I thought about terrible songs/musicians that I enjoy anyway, Madonna's ultra-phony protegé Betty Boo came to mind, so I did some research, and I came across this old discussion. (link) And I just now got why Kris didn't like the "Jump Jump" song. Anyway, that's my answer. Gave you the boo!

Anna Gregoline | May 13, 2005
Could you explain it to me, because I still don't get it.

Michael Paul Cote | May 13, 2005
Movie: Extreme Ops
Song: Blinded by the Light (Manfred Mann)
TV Show: Two and a Half Men

Scott Hardie | May 14, 2005
What duo performed the song, and referred to themselves in the chorus?

Jackie Mason | May 15, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | May 18, 2005
Don't feel bad or alone, Jackie... I actually like the song, too ("Rock Your Body", I think it is) -- of course, I started liking it before I even knew it was him singing it... but I didn't stop even when I found out. *hangs head even lower*

Anna Gregoline | May 19, 2005
Ha! I watched that video last night!

Amy Austin | May 19, 2005
SEE?! Even Anna didn't change the channel... ;-)

Anna Gregoline | May 19, 2005
Even more shameful....

sniff. sniff.


ok, this is really hard to say....

It is on my computer in the "Music Videos" section.

(hangs head in shame).

What can I say, I like synchronized dancing.

Amy Austin | May 19, 2005
HAHAHAHAHA... don't worry -- I don't blame you.

E. M. | May 22, 2005
[hidden by request]

Erik Bates | May 22, 2005
[hidden by request]

Erik Bates | May 22, 2005
[hidden by request]

Kris Weberg | May 23, 2005
Like the purloined letter, I guess.

Jackie Mason | June 2, 2005
[hidden by request]

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