LaVonne Lemler | November 9, 2021
Hope you're having an awesome day! May your 58th be one of your best!

Steve West | November 9, 2021
Wishing you the best, always. Happy Birthday from one geezer to another showing the fire's not as hot (maybe) but it's definitely still lit!

Matthew Preston | November 9, 2021
Happy birthday, Russ!

Russ Wilhelm | November 10, 2021
Thank you everyone. To the good times ahead...

Erik Bates | November 10, 2021
Russ Russ Bo Buss
Banana Fanna Fo Fuss
Fee Fi Mo Muss

That's all I got. Happy birthday.

Scott Hardie | November 15, 2021
Russ, I'm sorry I missed this at the time. I wish you a very happy year. :-)

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