What Funeratic Game is Steve Better At?

Celebrity Goo Game
0 votes
Rock Block
4 votes

Matthew Preston | July 15, 2022
Steve - It has been a pleasure and an honor to know you for the better part of (more than?) a decade. You help make the games on here a competition. I hope you enjoy your day, whatever it may bring. Happy Birthday!

Steve West | July 15, 2022
Thanks! It's been great so far.

Scott Hardie | July 15, 2022
Steve is also good at Three Clues! It's been almost a decade and I still haven't solved one of his movies, and nobody else has either.

Have a great birthday, Steve! Kelly and I wish you lots of happiness today and every day.

Erik Bates | July 16, 2022
Happy belated, sir!

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Happy anniversary!

Erik Bates joined Funeratic 20 years ago today.