Michael Paul Cote | December 16, 2005
My brother sent me this note in an email. Thought I'd pass it along.

Subject: A Christmas & New Year Greeting from Tom Faranda

Dear Friends......today, two amazing things happened. First, from a Christian
friend I received a very special CHRISTMAS CARD, not a 'holiday card' but a
Second, from a Jewish friend, I received a very special CHRISTMAS THOUGHT which
I quote below with total accuracy and admiration and which says all there is to
"I love Christmas......Christmas transcends religion".
This led me to send this card to you. As you know, having spent a lifetime
working overseas and having authored a book and several articles on global
business, I know a great deal about most of the major religions. I had the good
fortune to be raised a Christian and the good fortune to attend an almost
totally Jewish school from 4th grade through 12th grade. This is a highpoint in
my life and it has helped me understand how others think and feel. So, I offer
this card to you just as a reminder that only in our beautiful America can you
worship any religion or none at all...... and that
all religions are acceptable in America and all religions are respected in
You can do almost anything in America EXCEPT tell those of us who are Christian
and who celebrate Christ's Birthday on CHRISTmas that we can no longer have
Christmas trees or songs or other symbols of Christmas. That is a 'no-no' and
we will NOT accept it for a moment. So, if you are not a Christian, feel free
to enjoy Christmas with us or feel free to ignore it BUT DO NOT TELL US WE
CANNOT DO AS WE WISH WITH CHRISTMAS ! This is our Lord's day and HE will have
it in our America !!
No matter what your religious beliefs, we wish you a wonderful holiday season
and a great new year filled with health and happiness and peace of mind. Tom &

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Thomas Faranda
A Compelling Speaker With Bottom-Line Results

Aaron Shurtleff | December 16, 2005
Hear hear! Well said! We should have tolerance for all religions, and we should all be happily able to celebrate this fine season in any manner we want!

Except those Wiccans! *shudder* I hear they dance naked under the light of the moon for their evil solstice ceremonies! :P

That's a joke, by the way! :D They usually bespell the moon to total darkness before their evil naked dances start. :)

I AM JOKING! Seriously (which I rarely am) everyone have a great one, whatever it is you're having!

Kris Weberg | December 17, 2005
Yes, because clearly Christians are no longer allowed to have a Christmas tree. Not being able to use tax money and public space for Christmas celebrations in no way prevents an individual from celebrating the holiday, keeping a nativity scene on their lawn, etc.

I someone would like to point me to an incident in which someone was legally making sure people could not "have Christmas trees or songs or other symbols of Christmas," I will reconsider my reaction to this ill-informed e-mail, which substitutes clumsy and unoriginal rhetoric for things like rational consideration and knowledge.

Jackie Mason | December 18, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | December 18, 2005
Amen, Jacquelyn... amen. (I keep having to edit your name when I speak!)

Scott Horowitz | December 19, 2005
This is my holiday greeting


Jackie Mason | December 19, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | December 20, 2005
You sure? I mean, you never explained what that was all about -- but I don't think it makes you any less searchable, either... if that's what you mean by "it doesn't matter"... :-\

Scott Hardie | December 20, 2005
Kris is right. Nobody is telling Christians they can't celebrate Christmas. When Target uses the phrase "happy holidays" on its web site, it's not denying anyone their legally-protected right to choose their own holiday. Instead, those who boycott Target are denying Target the right to choose. Who's the one really being oppressed? I can't help but be reminded of the similar debate over gay marriage, in which the huge majority felt threatened by a small minority that finally had a public presence, and the majority responded by thrusting their ways and will upon the minority. We have laws to protect against that sort of thing. If it's so wrong for Christians to be denied their holiday, why do they deny anybody else the right to celebrate anything else?

Great link, Scott.

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