Amy Austin | May 4, 2005
What movie(s) will make you stop/drop whatever you're doing to watch it every time you find that it's on... whether you planned to watch that much TV or not? (Or at least unable to change the channel, and you leave it on in the background...) For me:

"Gangs of NY"
"Meet Joe Black" (these three-hour movies! -- I'm a glutton for punishment, I guess...)
"Frida" (I adore Frida Kahlo, and the movie -- with Salma Hayek and all that color and animation -- is visually mesmerizing!)
"Shawshank Redemption" (And, boy, does that one air a lot... but the sense of vindication and freedom that comes in the end just seems worth it every time!)

Lori Lancaster | May 4, 2005
[hidden by request]

Scott Horowitz | May 4, 2005
Amy, "Meet Joe Black" tops my list of worst movies I have ever seen, and I have seen "She's having a Baby" If I see Mel Brooks on TV, I won't change the channel, and I have to watch any Muppet Movie I find, even Treasure Island. They actually premiered the new Muppet Movie, Wizard of Oz, at the Tribeca Film Festival last weekend, but I was unable to attend.

Michael Paul Cote | May 4, 2005
As sad as this seems, I can't seem to turn of the movie "Extreme Ops" (some say Extreme Ooops!) Don't know why, I'm not into extreme sports or anything, I just like the movie. Another one I can't turn away is "Silverado" which I still feel is one of Kevin Costner's best films.

Amy Austin | May 4, 2005
Lori: Suuuuurrre, it is... ;-DDD

Scott: Well, that's how I feel about most Mel Brooks movies... ;-D

I like those Muppet movies, too, though...

Michael: Have you seen "Open Range"? Not the same young kid Costner, but thought you might like it anyway -- Robert Duvall is good... as usual! I think Costner gets a pretty bad rap overall (along the lines of Keanu Reeves), but I've always liked him rather well.

John E Gunter | May 4, 2005
Speaking of "Shawshank Redemption", that was on last night and while my wife watched it, I had other things to take care of, (can you say Prison! - sorry Mike is the only one on the discussion right now who will get that but I can't resist torturing him!) so I didn't watch the majority of it. I did watch the end of it were Morgan is walking up to the tree. From that point on I had to see it till the very end. :-D

But yeah, I have some movies that I just have to watch again and again!!

I own "Silverado" on VHS & DVD by the way and have considered picking up "Open Range"! When "Silverado" first came out, I thought, wow, they finally made another great western. Still feel the same every time I see it!


Michael Paul Cote | May 4, 2005
Have not seen open range, but will check it out. Thanks.
John: Shawshank was the perfect movie to watch while you were doing that (unless you wanted real hard core like Stallone's "Lock Up"

Scott Horowitz | May 4, 2005
Hey, anyone remember "Over the Top"? Where Stallone was arm wresting. that movie sucked.

Michael Paul Cote | May 4, 2005
Yeah, the only funnier movie that he made was "Oscar"

Steve West | May 4, 2005
"Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!" - How soon they forget.

Michael Paul Cote | May 5, 2005
I thought we were talking funny!

Steve West | May 5, 2005
I was talking funny. That film is a cinematic, comedic masterpiece. Keaton and Chaplin combined couldn't... HahahaHahahaHaHa!!! Damn, I almost got through that with a straight face.

Amy Austin | May 5, 2005
That's messed up, Steve... ;-DDDDD

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