Scott Hardie | March 27, 2005
When it rains, it pours. I had been using as my public address for quite a while with very little spam, perhaps one message a month. Last Tuesday, it instantly escalated to about one message per hour. I can only guess that a single spammer has found me and is sending me junk mail about a variety of his or her products, but the messages are frequent enough that I'm forced to abandon shard the way that I abandoned webmaster, checking it every month or two instead of daily. If you have been sending me mail there, please continue only if you're prepared to wait weeks for an answer; just ask me (link) and I'll send you my "real address" that I check daily. Most of you should have it already.

For the record, this leaves me with no "public address" to speak of. Several friends have taken to emailing me at all known addresses because they lose track of which is the right one. I am not replacing shard with something else that I will have to replace again later when the spammers take over that one too; I am simply going without an email address for the general public. If someone needs to contact me about this site, they can use the form (link) to do it. If I need to register with a business like Netflix, I can set up a forwarding account for myself. Please only use my "real address" from now on; if you don't know which one that is, just ask.

I think I already mentioned that the email forwarders for site users, such as for Anna, were going to go away. As of yesterday afternoon, they have all been deleted.

Erik Bates | March 27, 2005
[hidden by request]

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