Scott Hardie | February 14, 2012
At the end of their annual memoir night, SMITH Magazine invites members of the audience to perform a six-word slam: Summing up their lives in a single six-word phrase. This year's theme is romance, given the holiday tomorrow.

How would you describe the state of your love life in six words?

Steve West | February 14, 2012
Still happily married with no regrets.

Scott Hardie | February 14, 2012
Bad day together > good day alone.

Aaron Shurtleff | February 14, 2012
Nothing worth having comes easy, eh?

Steve West | February 14, 2012
Everything that's worth having requires pursuit.

Erik Bates | February 14, 2012
One month in. No complaints here!

Samir Mehta | February 14, 2012
[hidden by author request]

Steve Dunn | February 14, 2012
Playing spirited defense against the kids.

Scott Hardie | February 16, 2012
Ups and downs? Beats dining alone.

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