Scott Hardie | February 24, 2003
I hope Norah Jones enjoys all those Grammys she just won, because I don't think she'll be getting any others. It seems like every year, some new artist comes along with a single great song, wins a ton of Grammys because everyone thinks the person is launching a brilliant career, and then they disappear. Remember Alicia Keys from last year? Or Shelby Lynne from the year before that? Norah Jones strikes me as even more of a flash in the pan for some reason. "Don't Know Why" is a great song; I really like it, but I think she'll be just as much of an unknown a year from now as she was a year ago. Agree or disagree?

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the last thirty winners of the Grammy for Best New Artist. Surprise surprise, less than a third of them have achieved anything significant since winning. Some of them are still active, yes, but they haven't had any hits or been relevant in the music industry. Here's the list, with italics on the ones who have actually done something since winning:
2003 Norah Jones
2002 Alicia Keys
2001 Shelby Lynne
2000 Christina Aguilera
1999 Lauryn Hill
1998 Paula Cole
1997 LeAnn Rimes
1996 Hootie & the Blowfish
1995 Sheryl Crow
1994 Toni Braxton
1993 Arrested Development
1992 Marc Cohn
1991 Mariah Carey
1990 Milli Vanilli (revoked)
1989 Tracy Chapman
1988 Jody Watley
1987 Bruce Hornsby & The Range
1986 Sade
1985 Cyndi Lauper
1984 Culture Club
1983 Men at Work
1982 Sheena Easton
1981 Christopher Cross
1980 Rickie Lee Jones
1979 A Taste of Honey
1978 Debby Boone
1977 Starland Vocal Band
1976 Natalie Cole
1975 Marvin Hamlisch
1974 Bette Midler

Jackie Mason | February 24, 2003
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | February 25, 2003
I have never heard of her before.

Angela Lathem-Ballard | March 14, 2003
What I think is *really* funny is that you said Sade has "done something since winning" but Lauryn Hill or Tracy Chapman have not!I love Sade, but most of her releases in the last 10 years have been "best-of's" and revamped "best-of's." Tracy Chapman has had AWESOME albums and continued success since her self-titled release in 1988. The very year of her award, she released 'Crossroads' and the popular 'New Beginning' in 1995. I *know* you remember several songs from that album being played on the radio...then again with 'Telling Stories' in 2000 and recently 'Let it Rain' in 2002.Personally, I don't feel that if it doesn't continue to show up on TRL that the artist is no longer a success. I would say the same about Paula Cole and (even though I'm not much of a fan) Alicia Keys. Although Alicia has been *very* active in producing and duet work since her win. Alicia is also working on a new album, and since most artists wait a year or two to put out their follow-up album, I don't see that she hasn't "seen continued success" at all. Never mind the fact that Tracy Chapman is (to use a perhaps ridiculous term) 'Dylan-esque.'Thank you. (stepping down from soap box)

Scott Hardie | March 14, 2003
By "success" I meant had a new hit release. And I did my own italicizing, so I guess I was wrong with Chapman. I have heard a few of her songs in recent years, but I didn't think they were very successful. Some of these people have continued to be around without actually doing anything - Paula Cole for instance. Maybe Sade and Chapman could switch their formatting.

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