Erik Bates | March 2, 2019
You're just TOO good, Lavonne.

Once again, I found myself hoping for a last-minute cat to help me leap to the head of the pack, but once again, you dominate the pagoda.

Great season!

Watch your back! I'm coming for you next season!

Samir Mehta | March 2, 2019
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | March 2, 2019
Congratulations, LaVonne! That's two victories in a row. You are clearly in the zone right now. :-)

What a great season. Everybody played well, and three players (Samir, Erik, and Russ) came close to LaVonne's score. I hope the season was as much fun for everybody else as it was for me.

The 80th season of Celebrity Goo Game begins tomorrow. Good luck!

Russ Wilhelm | March 2, 2019
Awsome LaVonne. Keep up the good times, and go for three!!!

LaVonne Lemler | March 2, 2019
Thanks, Guys! Appreciate the nice comments --- I will have to say, though, the cats certainly did their part!! Every season of this game is fun, so let's get ready! Bring it on, Erik! I love a good challenge! Russ, "three" would be nice, but impossible for me with the competition! By the way, I miss your and Samir's player-created goos; hope to see more from you guys this spring session. Congrats, Scott, on 80 seasons of Celebrity Goo! That's a lot of goos! Thanks for all you do to make it so enjoyable!

Have a great season, everyone --- and good luck! :-)

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