Todd Brotsch | November 3, 2004
Who likes LOST? The new hit drama on ABC?

In this age of reality television, or the 'unscripted drama' as Mister Burnett likes to put it, I find that quality programming seems to be harder to find. ABC seems to have pulled out two bonafide winners this season with LOST and Desperate Housewives. UPN too has a new hit Veronica Mars that has been quietly claiming success for itself.

I hope these new shows along with others continue to do well in the hopes that all of the television doesn’t turn to the 'unscripted drama.'

Scott Horowitz | November 3, 2004
I was a little skeptical about Lost, but I decided to watch it. It is damn good. I haven't given Desperate Housewives a chance,, just doesn't seem like it would interest me.

Mike Eberhart | November 3, 2004
I haven't watched any of those shows. I really don't watch network TV much anymore. The only show that I really like watching is The Soprano's. I'm more into movies than tv anyway.

Anna Gregoline | November 3, 2004
Oh the Sopranos! Anyone who loves the Sopranos can totally be my friend.

I'm so frustrated we have to wait till 2006 to see the last season! And then! It's! the! last! season!

Mike Eberhart | November 3, 2004
Yeah, but I think this last season is going to be totally awesome. I'm sure there's going to be some character's whack that no one thought would be touched. I can see the whole Soprano family in a final gun battle in the last episode, or an all out gang war between New Jersey and New York. But yes, this wait is going to suck. I cancelled my HBO until they come back on....

Anna Gregoline | November 3, 2004
We were so sad about Johnny Sack. I'm not sure what direction they're going in. Yeah, anything can happen.

Scott Horowitz | November 3, 2004
I also think Adriana is terrible in sit coms. They should bring her back... you never saw the body.

Mike Eberhart | November 3, 2004
Nah, I was glad that Adriana was finally killed off. She was just flat out annoying.

Scott Horowitz | November 3, 2004
Try watching Joey....

Mike Eberhart | November 3, 2004
I did. I watched the very first episode and that was the end of that.

Scott Horowitz | November 3, 2004
The only sitcom I watch regularly right now is Scrubs. I think TV is shifting away from the sitcom.

Mike Eberhart | November 3, 2004
I used to watch 24, but I haven't decided if I'm going to watch the next season. All of the major stars aren't going to be on it, other than Jack. Right now it's a 50/50 chance on if I watch or not. The only thing that I religiously watch on tv is football. If I'm not at the game, I'm watching it on tv.

Amy Austin | November 3, 2004
I like "Scrubs", too, Scott.

Anna Gregoline | November 3, 2004
Adriana had to go, unfortunately. And the Sopranos does NOT play soap opera games - you get wacked, you get wacked.

Steve Dunn | November 4, 2004
Love the Sopranos, and I also enjoyed Deadwood last season.

I am enjoying Lost and Desperate Housewives. My wife loves Veronica Mars, the O.C., and Scrubs. I'm not so much into those, though Scrubs is definitely very funny. (Zach Braff's film Garden State is great too, but in a completely different way).

With some embarassment, I confess I've got the TiVo set to record My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss. We'll see how it goes for a couple episodes, anyway...

Scott Hardie | November 4, 2004
Why are they only doing 8 or 9 episodes for the final Sopranos season? I had heard it was because they couldn't fit all of that material into season five, but if they're going to bring the whole cast and crew back later for another season, they may as well make it a full one. I just finished watching season four and it seemed like several episodes were just stalling for time. (And thank goodness I previously had Johnny Sack and Adrianna spoiled for me. :-P )

David Mitzman | November 4, 2004
What about Johnny Sack? He's still alive as of the end of Season 5. Adrianna being whacked totally caught me off guard as the "secondary major whack" of the season since Tony Blundetto was the "major" killing.

My predictions for Season 6:
Furio makes a return to court Carmella.
Johnny Sack takes out one of Tony's capo's as retaliation for Philly not being able to whack Tony B (probably Silvio or maybe Uncle Jr. to make it personal)..
Tony retaliates and attempts to take out Johnny Sack (haven't decided if he'll succeed or not)..
Little Carmine comes back and joins up with Tony after being dicked around by the NY family.
The Russians from season 3 return to settle the score with Chris and Paulie (and Paulie prob won't make it).

Tony will probably end up dead at the end, but I haven't decided by who's hands yet (maybe Furio).

Anna Gregoline | November 4, 2004
Johnny Sack is in jail right now, that's what I was talking about, without giving any spoilers, but apparently the cats out of the bag on everything.

David Mitzman | November 4, 2004
When did Johnny Sack go to jail? I hardly remember that from Season 5. I know during 4 that Paulie Walnuts was in jail a good portion of the season.

Anna Gregoline | November 4, 2004
I don't remember but the Feds captured him at the end of Season 5.

David Mitzman | November 5, 2004
Ooooooooooooooooh that's right. Thanks :)

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