Scott Hardie | March 20, 2021
Like so many people, I'm appalled by the wave of violence against Asian-American and Pacific Islander people lately. I'm exhausted of this country choosing not to live up to the ideals that it claims to have. Learning from our mistakes isn't even hard and yet we continue to fail at it, over and over.

To my AAPI friends, here and elsewhere, I care about you and I hate to see you going through emotions that I can only begin to imagine. You have my love and compassion.

To those directing their anxiety and frustration at innocent people: I'm of the opinion that a lot of our problems are blameless (be mad at the coronavirus! it's the real cause of the pandemic), but if you must direct your feelings at someone, take it out on the rich and powerful. Vote against them, and speak out against their abuses and failures. Their choices have certainly contributed more to our economic problems and high death toll than some mere spa workers in Atlanta.

I didn't say enough to support Latinx friends during the years of Trump's demagoguery and the scary racist incidents that it caused them and their children to endure, even after they told me about those incidents in detail, and I regret that. So let me say now, to anyone else here or elsewhere affected by terror and cruelty, I feel for you, and I'm trying to make a difference with my votes, donations, and speech.

Samir Mehta | March 31, 2021
[hidden by request]

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