Scott Hardie | August 24, 2009
It's probably going to be a while before he sees this, but I still want to wish Scott Horowitz congratulations on his wedding yesterday. What a happy event, and a big milestone to cross. We're happy for you, Scott!

Jackie Mason | August 25, 2009
[hidden by author request]

Steve West | August 25, 2009

Amy Austin | August 25, 2009
Um... yeah, Mozzarella, Molotov and Heimlich... in that order.

Aaron Shurtleff | August 25, 2009
Great job! Welcome to the ranks of the married folks!!

...sucker! ;) lol jk

Richard Slominsky | August 25, 2009
Get used to saying..... Yes Dear!!

Erik Bates | August 25, 2009
Didn't even know he was engaged.

I should spend some more time in here instead of Rock Block.


Scott Hardie | August 25, 2009
We probably all should.

Scott Horowitz | November 25, 2009
Todah Rabah (Hebrew for Thanks :))


Jackie Mason | November 25, 2009
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | November 27, 2009
What a gorgeous gown... your new wife looks lovely, Scott -- congratulations.

Scott Horowitz | November 30, 2009
She appreciated the comment Amy

Scott Hardie | July 26, 2010
Dave Mitzman isn't around much lately, but I want to wish him well on his wedding today, too. You planned today for a long time, my friend, and I'm sure it was wonderful. Congratulations!

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