Scott Hardie | September 5, 2003
I know I've been complaining about television commercials too much lately, but I have to mention one more. There's a spot for in which a "hotel inspector" walks with the end of a tape measure up the steps of a Washington D.C. monument and puts the tip of it up to the door and reads the number. She then lets go, and the tape measure retracts across the city, down sidewalks and between pedestrians, until it reaches the metal spool held by the doorman of the hotel, who acts all casual about it. Hmmm, I wonder if that slight look of consternation on the inspector's face when she looks down at the number is because she's holding the wrong end of the tape measure for it to actually measure anything.

Erik Bates | September 6, 2003
[hidden by request]

Jackie Mason | September 8, 2003
[hidden by request]

Mike Eberhart | September 8, 2003
Maybe she was wearing a little radio and the guy at the other end, radioed to her the distance, so that's why she sad the number. Just a theory, but yes, it's a stupid commercial.

Anna Gregoline | September 8, 2003
I want to know where to get a tape measure that long.

Scott Hardie | November 27, 2003
Meet Jim. Jim works for Discover, calling customers who have won CashBack Bonus Bucks or CashBack Reward Dollars or Whatever the Fuck. Throughout the commercial, we see Jim's coworkers laughing and having a good time, while Jim does his duty on the phone, calling those customers. He even has to stay late, and we see him shaving at his desk in the morning. Yes, because Jim was calling Discover customers through the middle of the night.

Kris Weberg | November 27, 2003
Well, I've been called at all hours by credit card companies. Of course, it's never to say that they owe me money...

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