Scott Hardie | January 24, 2002
Kelly and I got engaged this morning. Part of me has always wanted to propose to a woman spontaneously, in a moment of pure love and devotion, so I asked her when I felt that moment this morning, before either of us left the bed. And, the other part of me is traditional - I want to buy her flowers, dress up, get down on one knee, then take her out for dinner and dancing afterwards. And I get to do that in March, when I can finally afford the ring. :-) Best of both worlds. I asked Mr. Lee his permission today, belatedly, and he said he despised that tradition, which made it even cooler. Both Kelly's parents and my mom are behind us, and we've had nothing but love and congratulations from everyone we've told. So it's been a very good day. If you're wondering when the wedding will be, don't hold your breath - probably early 2004. We'd like to get married on March 15th because it's our dating anniversary, and March 15th 2003 is a Saturday, but we also insist on being stable in our careers before we marry, and I don't think we'll get to that point until late 2003 or later. Still, that first hurdle is crossed. Wow, Kelly is my fiancée now. That sounds great.

Scott Hardie | January 24, 2002
Oh, and the other big news for today: We finally decided on Florida after all. We had talked about moving there, but Kelly always had some reservations. We talked it over during lunch and decided that mid-Florida, probably Sarasota or Tampa, was the first choice for each of us. Once I graduate on May 11th, it's the Gulf Coast for us.

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