Scott Hardie | June 21, 2018
Is anyone following the World Cup?

Samir Mehta | June 21, 2018
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | June 21, 2018
I am not watching the games but I enjoy following along in headlines and conversations. And some of the commercials are mildly amusing.

Erik Bates | July 21, 2018
I'm a soccer fan, and was excited about the World Cup, but this is my first World Cup without cable, so all those games on Fox Sports were unavailable for me, and the games that were on over-the-air Fox were on at times that I couldn't watch. It was a hot mess of bad timing.

That being said, I was disappointed to not see Mexico make it further, and that England didn't win it all.

Scott Hardie | July 21, 2018
If we got nothing else out of the French victory, at least we got pretty good comments by Trevor Noah about national pride and ethnic pride.

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