Steve Dunn | December 3, 2010
GG Allin is ranked higher than Lady Gaga.

Steve West | December 4, 2010
And .38 Special and Death Cab for Cutie and Fabian and Good Charlotte and Seether and ...

Tony Peters | December 4, 2010
I think GGAllen made a much larger contribution to Music than Lady GaGa has

Scott Hardie | December 6, 2010
Lady Gaga currently has three users voting for her promotion, one of whom is you (Steve Dunn) and one of whom is me.

These other R2 performers currently have five users voting for their promotion: Spice Girls, Hole, Katrina and the Waves, P.O.D., Mars Volta, and Porno for Pyros. Are any of them more important than Lady Gaga? Are any of them more important than GG Allin?

Ryan Dunn | December 6, 2010
Scott, this is proof positive that there's a flaw in the system.

Scott Hardie | December 6, 2010
The fact that Userrank 10 had three promotion votes before I just cleared them is more proof positive of a flaw in the system.

Tony Peters | December 6, 2010
Porno for Pyros is certainly more important than Gaga...hell I hate Courtney Love but even Hole is more significant that Gaga

Jon Berry | December 6, 2010
Mars Volta may not be more important than Lady Gaga, but they are a hell of a lot better XD

Tony Peters | December 6, 2010
I agree Jon......I can listen to Mar Volta for hours I can barely last seconds with Gaga on before I have an overwhelming urge to smash whatever it's playing on

Scott Hardie | December 6, 2010
Whatever could be said of people's biases when voting, the randomness of the ballot has to have at least a little to do with it. If Lady Gaga comes up rarely and GG Allin comes up frequently, well, that could influence the outcome. But since many people vote, and weeks go by between batches of promotions, there are enough opportunities to vote that I'm not worried about it.

If it's not clear, voting is not the only criterion that I use to decide. As I've said before, Weird Al would be R9 by now if it was. But it is a major factor in my decision, and I'm beginning to wonder if it shouldn't be. It's ironic that voting was introduced as a means to diminish my bias and make promotions more fair.

Steve Dunn | December 6, 2010
Data point...

Number of Google search results:

GG Allin 389,000
Porno For Pyros 218,000
Lady Gaga 236,000,000

Look, I'm not personally a big fan of Lady Gaga's music, though I think some of her songs are OK. But even if she never releases another record, she's already more popular and influential than many of the artists ranked ahead of her in Rock Block.

I'm not losing any sleep over this issue. Just find it fun to point out the occasional RB travesty.

Lori Lancaster | December 6, 2010
[hidden by author request]

Matthew Preston | December 7, 2010
Lori - You should google GG Allin to find out about him! OK, really you probably shouldn't. And if you do, don't do it at work. As flamboyant and over the top Lady Gaga is, she doesn't come close to the disturbing antics that GG Allin was known for.

Tony Peters | December 7, 2010
GG Allin was over the top compared to Ozzie never mind anyone else but his spoken word will always be his most enduring work. Perry Ferrel is more musically significant that either,

Lori Lancaster | December 7, 2010
[hidden by author request]

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